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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 42 – ER 022019

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

It’s the folk flavoured music’s turn this week to get a few extra plays, but first Reich has the best of the latest synthwave, ambient, dark disco, punk, hardcore and metal to play for us.

Amalec open with a mid paced ambient-style dance tune accompanying a haunting melody, before Synthwave Redneck takes the baton for some banjo twanging house beats and a europop sound.

Halindir’s latest one was created to go with a superb video by Mimir’s Brunnr, it features spoken word over the top of all our favourite Halindir sounds and plenty of kettle drums.

Skalski’s modern machine sound breaks the forest idyll to brings us back to our daily dystopic existence and Faeros has another teaser for us from his new album, which this time is an energetic slice of dark synth.

Triptidon keeps the synth stabs flying with plenty of time changes and bass drops that sound almost like techno at times.

Kontratak swap the synths for twin guitars and vocals from the Motorhead school of singing and Harpyie bring us the first of our folk-tinged efforts tonight, keeping the metal around for the time being as backing for the fiddle solos.

Metalcore from Germany next in the form of the (Gross) Berliner Ensemble, a project featuring various singers you might recognise if you can tear yourself away from headbanging round the room.

Kratky Proces keep the head nodding and the feet tapping with a burst of Slovakian punk sing-a-long and Feher Torveny stick with the pace and turn up the crunch factor for some Russian hardcore with overtones of Slayer’s Raining Blood.

Sticking with Russia, Svarga’s anthem ‘My Land’ is next, featuring accordion, strings, pipes and an amazing guitar solo followed by Uberfolk singing about the mythical ‘Arcadia’, showcasing plenty of harmonising and the distinct tones of singer George Burdi.

Wolcensmen finish with an acoustic version of a Bathory track featuring some beautiful male voice harmonies, you will never have heard Bathory sounding like this before!

Amalec, Synthwave Redneck, Halindir, Skalski, Faeros and Triptidon are at Soundcloud
Kontratak are at 88.nsm
Uberfolk and Wolcensmen are at Youtube

00:22 Amalec – Wife – NEW
04:23 Synthwave Redneck – Redneck V2 – NEW
10:17 Halindir – Land, Children and Community – NEW
19:55 Skalski – Im Nebel – NEW
24:05 Faeros - Album Teaser #2 – NEW
27:12 Triptidon – Sin Lord – NEW
31:25 Kontratak - Kolovrat – NEW
36:07 Harpyie – Berserker
40:47 Gross Berliner Ensemble - Wir Sind Das Pack
44:52 Kratky Proces - Cerveny Konik
47:00 Feher Torveny - Mit tehet
49:45 Svarga – My Land
54:23 Uberfolk – Arcadia – NEW
59:06 Wolcensmen – Man of Iron (Bathory Cover version) – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 42 – ER 022019


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