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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 47 – ER 032719

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Fans of the string instruments will love this week’s selection, featuring furious Folk Metal & the unstoppable rise of NS Black Metal alongside Classic RAC and the new generation of synth artists.

Female vocals set to Amalec’s unmistakable disco sound leads us into the third pre-release from Faeros’ new album, is there such a thing as progressive cyber punk? If there isn’t, this would be it.
Progressive time changes and even some double kick drums in parts set to futuristic synth stabs show this will be one album worth waiting for.

Halindir continues his Buubdurub DistoDisco series with plenty of bass heavy tom toms, effects laden guitars and music box melodies ending in some seventies keyboards and that’s it for the electronica. Come on synth maestros, you can do better than that.

Sturmwehr bring us some melodic light rock mocking the politically correct politicians of today while Public Enemy are singing hidden truths about the Jews being expelled from England in 1290.

Metalcore really suits the Russian language and we’ve had some excellent examples of it recently, this week we have Random Change switching between the moshing and the headbanging before the first of our NSBM numbers of the night from Svartskaldr, who manage to be both hypnotic and ultra fast. Good production makes such a difference with this style of music.

Germanium bring us back to the traditional metal sound, great guitars, great vocals but the drumming sounds a bit basic when compared to the others.

Not to worry, folk metal kings Nokturnal Mortum are next and start with the tub pounding how they mean to go on, with screaming guitars and pipes building to a triumphant onslaught of righteous noise, this band must be a real sight to see live.

Back to the hardcore and a familiar voice from Germany, beginning with a killer into riff Burn Down confound expectations with their breakdowns and micro guitar solos.

Nordglanz have a great video to go with their new single, it’s death metal with hints of viking in it, strings and a chorus that sounds reminiscent of the old SS marching songs. Great pacing in the arrangement too, building to a crescendo and then dropping again multiple times.

Sleipnir’s piano riff sounds very like an Elessar intro, but this stays acoustic and adds muted strings and male harmonies for a beautiful penultimate end to the podcast, which Wolf 212 takes care of with a remix of Burzum chanting to a plucked harp with plenty of reverb and echo.

Amalec, Faeros and Halindir are at Soundcloud
Nordglanz and Wolf 212 are at Youtube
Germanium are at 88.nsm

00:44 Amalec – Neonwave – NEW
04:07 Faeros – From Obsurity – NEW
10:21 Halindir - Buubdurub - DistoDisco XXI – NEW
13.00 Sturmwehr - Dem Mainstream Entgegen (The Mainstream Opposition)
16:19 Public Enemy - Our Weapon Is Truth
19:47 Random Change - Дети Темноты (Children of the Darkness)
22:45 Svartskaldr - Legions Of Endless Nothingness
28:35 Germanium - Morast und Blut – NEW
32:32 Nokturnal Mortum - Шляхом Сонця (Path of the Sun)
41:40 Burn Down - Kein Verbrechen (No Crime)
45:51 Nordglanz – Valkyria – NEW
54:50 Sleipnir - Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (Germany Escapes)
59:15 Wolf 212 – Hail Odin (Burzum remix) – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 47 – ER 032719


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