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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 49 – ER 041019

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Time again to turn down the lights, turn up the stereo, grab a beer and get ready for another excursion into the world of pro-White and passive-White music with your host, Eternal Reich.

We jump straight into the dark side of synthwave with Dav Dralleon accompanied by a frenzied guitar solo for the first assault, before taking the pace down a notch for Amalec’s new ambient flavoured tune, featuring vocals once again over a dreamwave backing.

Halindir has been very busy recently producing lots of music for his Buubdurub project, which has a lot more drums than his other content. This heavy track features pipes, distorted organ and lots of other instruments tweaked to make them sound original.

Joy of Strength have some minimal house for us with a really catchy hook line that stays in your head, before Misanthropix pick up the pace for another slice of polished darksynth with plenty going on, rhythms within rhythms and melodies within melodies.

Tommy ‘86 are getting innovative with the sounds used to build up this song from an early demo of theirs, with lots of twanging noises over a laid back beat, before TourDeForce go for a more traditional song structure laying down industrial beats and guitar with female vocals holding it all together.

Zombie Commando finish the synth section off with a trance anthem that manages to show influences from darksynth and cyberpunk and then it’s time for some progressive metal with Gammadion from Poland, featuring much technical proficiency in the guitar soloes and chord changes.

Gift der Luge tear up the place with some mental metalcore and great production on the drums before we take a step back in time for the seventies rock sound of Spanish band Estirpe Imperial and their Hammond organ wizardry.

Feindnah sound a bit like Brainwash with shouted vocals and choral harmonies over the top of blistering hot nu-metal and then it’s time for the traditional metal sound of RAC legends Squadron and the stand out track from their new album exposing ‘the root of all evil’.

Ursinne keep the speed furious and the angst flying for a final metal fling, before it’s time to finish with a number from the Mamas and the Pepes and the beautiful voice of their female singer, wondering why it is that Blacks do the things that they do.

Dav Dralleon, Amalec, Misanthropix, Tommy ‘86 and Zombie Commando are at Soundcloud
Gift der Luge, Squadron and Feindnah are at 88.nsm
Ursinne and The Mamas and the Pepes are at Youtube

00:36 Dav Dralleon – Wolvesquad – NEW
04:43 Amalec - Ha 3ape – NEW
09:10 Halindir – Buubdurub – Conquer Your Despair – NEW
14:16 Joy of Strength – Ponytail
18:21 Misanthropix – Bionic Within - NEW
22:05 Tommy ‘86 – Doppelganger (Demo) – NEW
26:38 TourDeForce – Panic
31:02 Zombie Commando – The Thunder God - NEW
35:47 Gammadion - Incydent - NEW
42:15 Gift der Luge - Poison of the Lie - NEW
46:24 Estirpe Imperial - Lenker der Schlachten
51:07 Feindnah - Reden – Tun (Talk < Do) - NEW
55:16 Squadron - The Root of all Evil - NEW
59:41 Ursinne – Egoismens Tidevarv – NEW
02:52 The Mamas and the Pepes – Not Yet – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 49 – ER 041019


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