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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 51 – ER 042419

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Amazing folk metal, beautiful ambient sounds and stomping synthwave, it must be time once again for our weekly trip round the world of music in the company of Eternal Reich’s Audio Insurgency.

Wolfsschanze begins with a cheery house riff and a trance beat similar to Vanguard but with more chord progressions that leads into Cyberthing, who seems to have that action movie end credits music down to a tee before moving on to a more triumphant vibe and then back again.

Celeritas Tenebris our favourite techno maestro from Manilla tries his hand out at synthwave with a remix, but just cant help adding a banging kick drum and synth guitar before we slow it all down for an acoustic guitar led ambient track from GR Led, sounding very Pink Floyd indeed.

Document Lambda (formerly known as Good Joe) has that sunny morning just woken up in a good mood drinking black coffee and having a vape kind of feel to his offering, simple, catchy and cheerful. Halindir takes us off to a royal court in mediaeval times for all too short a piece and then we are back to the dark synth with a hint of dubstep in the form of a Misanthropix remix by Apollo.

After that we head right to the other end of the musical spectrum for an amazing piece of Russian folk metal starting with flutes and female voice, before the guitars kick in with a staccato rhythm making for a musical match made in heaven.

Minu Kamp from Estonia play a quirky mix of syncopated pop and metal held together by a funky drummer and then we head in the progressive metal direction for a bit of technical guitar wizardry from Xenocide.

Take note of the warning siren at the start of the next track because a brutal metalcore assault is on it’s way courtesy of Tormentia and then it’s time to finish with Uberfolk’s collaboration with Philosophicat, a beautiful piano piece with female and male call and response vocals.

Wolfsschanze and Uberfolk are at Youtube
Celeritas Tenebris, GR Led, Document Lambda, Halindir, Misanthropix and Xenocide are at Soundcloud

00:40 Wolfsschanze – Nightwalk - NEW
04:50 Cyberthing – Fight to Stay Alive
08:53 Celeritas Tenebris Remix - SDwarfs - Syn Futurawa 2018 – NEW
12:26 GR Led - Kingdom of the Sky - NEW
19:32 Document Lambda – Cozy Mornings – NEW
22:55 Halindir – Goofy Orchestral Loop – NEW
24:52 Misanthropix – Booster Gangs (remix by Apollo) - NEW
28:55 Unknown
34:07 GRAI – In the Arms of Mara
40:51 Minu Kamp – Torm 
44:21 Xenocide – Interdimensional Demons - NEW
49:13 Tormentia - Kto Sieje Wojny Wiatr
53:54 Uberfolk – Song for Sweden – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 51 – ER 042419


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