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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 53 – ER 050819

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Sven Longshanks joins Eternal Reich for the one year anniversary of the show to discuss music and play the latest tunes made by or just listened to, by Nationalists around the world.

Blaster from France begin with a catchy bit of darkwave built around an old school bassline that warms us up nicely for FEMACampBandLeader’s space age sci-fi sound with plenty of exotic instruments and whip cracking sonic belches.

Halindir keeps up the pace with his unique blend of mediaeval electro and music box nostalgia and then we head back to the future for the Daft Punk inspired funk of Hymne from Spain.

Ukraine’s Kroda have a death metal tribute to Prodigy out, blending three of their earlier tunes into one in honour of the recent passing away of their larger than life frontman Keith Flint.

Motley return us to the synthwave with a cheerful piece that wouldn’t sound out of place in the early hours of the morning at a warehouse rave in the nineties and Synthwave Redneck follows that up with a triumphant blast of Sega synths and Casio organ refrain, bringing us to Tommy ‘86 and what sounds like a new direction for them as the synth scene continues to evolve.

Valhalla slowly ease us into the rock section of the podcast with some innovative bass plucking and Hungarian spoken word before the hardcore riffs and White rapping of Thrive on a Cross arrive, the title track of their new album on OPOS records.

Mind Terrorist are representing Greece in the nu metal corner, all chugging guitars and kick drum triplets leading into Sober Charge from Russia, metalcore with a hint of folk melodies in the chorus line.

Der Bohse Wolf have a classic metal sound with great interplay between rhythm and lead guitars finishing on a twin melody par excellence and Butcher’s Nail pick up the baton with their early Iron Maiden influenced riffs and growly punk vocals.

Piarevaracien from Belarus get the fiddles out for a thrash folk excursion sounding similar to Radogost and just as you think it really couldn’t get any better it does, with Ordensburg’s crystal clear, hi-octane super powered NSBM.

Cut Throat bring proceedings almost to a close, with a great tune sounding like a cross between Glen Danzig and Martha and the Muffins and then we hand over to the Mamas and the Pepes to properly finish the show.

Blaster, Halindir, Hymne, Motley, Synthwave Redneck, The Mamas and the Pepes and Tommy’86 are at Soundcloud
Thrive on a Cross are at Youtube
Der Bohse Wolf, Butcher's Nail, Kroda, Sober Charge and Piarevaracien are at 88.nsm

04:04 Blaster – Heresy Apostles – NEW
08:41 FEMACampBandLeader – De Ortu Solis Rotam
13:00 Halindir - Buubdurub - DistoDisco XXII - NEW
15:48 Hymne – The Beast – NEW
20:06 Kroda - Fvkk 'Em And Their Law (Prodigy cover) - NEW
27:07 Motley - Hyperborean Spirit – NEW
31:53 Synthwave Redneck – Star Ride - NEW
37:32 Tommy ‘86 – Phoenix – NEW
41:16 Valhalla - Orokke Kozottunk
46:20 Thrive On A Cross - XXXtreme Revolution - NEW
50:44 Mind Terrorist - Subtopia
55:23 Sober Charge – Blood for the Word - NEW
59:21 Der Bohse Wolf - Das Ist Deutschland - NEW
04:12 Butcher's Nail - Dying to Be Free - NEW
08:25 Piarevaracien – Pusteca - NEW
13:41 Ordensburg - Nur All-Deutschland Soll Es Sein
21:24 Cut Throat - Grips Of Fear
25:48 The Mamas and the Pepes – Fake American 2019

Presented by Eternal Reich and Sven Longshanks

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 53 – ER 080519


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