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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 57 – ER 061219

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Loads of new tunes tonight, remixes, black metal, hardcore, ballads, pop, we’ve got the lot on tonight’s Audio Insurgency starting with a track by our host, Eternal Reich.

Evropa IV is the album version of the first track he ever created, featuring plenty of machine sounds, pace changes and lots of variation on the themes throughout.

Nordic Frontier’s Andreas Johansson has a cracker of lo-fi tune for us, laid back beats with a great voice-over to chill to on a midsummer’s evening in the land of the midnight sun.

HUBRID has a cracking remix of one of our regulars Celeritas Tenebris, almost changing the tune out of recognition from techno to darksynth and beyond.

Wolfsschanze is getting in on the remixes too with his version of ‘Resonance’, a mellow dreamy tune with a pounding snare that fits together surprisingly well.

Iron Court from Italy get the beats pumping again with a sophisticated slice of industrial techno and Sonne and Stahl keep the industrial and add fog horn brass, male voice and military drums to shake you awake.

The Decency are back with a catchy keyboard led pop piece and Volund Smed are riffing away in a classic metal style with vocal harmonies.

True Aggression keep the standards high with another catchy singalong chorus and Ursinne have a patriotic feel to their cover version even while singing in Swedish.

Thrive on a Cross bring the hardcore to the party with a furious slamathon while Ondrej Durica have a great pop-rock sound almost like a much heavier TourDeForce.

Regnat Horrendum have a new single out showcasing their ever maturing symphonic black metal talents and GrossBerliner Ensemble get the hardcore riffs going again but with female harmonies this time.

Ordensburg play well produced super fast NSBM with plenty of technical expertise and Reidh from Finland could sound just as polished with a record deal behind them, their track comes from probably the best demo to be released this year so far.

Die Liebenfels Kapelle slow the pace with acoustic guitar and brush work for a catchy trad tune leading into the final song of the night by Document Lambda, featuring minimal piano and heavenly female vocals.

Andreas Johansson,  Document Lambda, Celeritas Tenebris & The Decency are at Soundcloud
Wolfsschanze & Ursinne are at  Youtube
Sonne Und Stahl, True Aggression, Regnat Horrendum, Ondrej Durica & Ordensburg are at 88.nsm
Reidh are at rac-forum

00:44 Eternal Reich - Evropa IV
05:07 Andreas Johansson - Real World – NEW
07:57 Celeritas Tenebris – Fuselage – HUBRID Remix - NEW
10:29 Home – Resonance – Wolfsschanze remix – NEW
14:03 Iron Court – Across the Barrage
18:15 Sonne Und Stahl - It's Time to Awake - NEW
21:32 The Decency – Pirate Mindset - NEW
24:51 Volund Smed - Volund
27:57 True Aggression - Walhalla is calling - NEW
31:44 Ursinne - Du Gamla, Du Fria (Ultime Thule cover) - NEW
36:03 Thrive on the Cross - Menschenmaterial
39:21 Ondrej Durica - Vysadkovy pluk - NEW
42:46 Regnat Horrendum - No Worship But Warfare – NEW
47:27 GrossBerliner Ensemble - Was Wirst Du Tun
52:39 Ordensburg - Voran Zum Siege Oder Tod - NEW
00:39 Reidh - In The Light Of The Black Sun - NEW
06:12 Die Liebenfels Kapelle - Guter Mensch
12:18 Document Lambda – To the End – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 57 – ER 061219


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