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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 61 – ER 071019

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Plenty of new synthwave on tonight’s episode including FemaCampBandLeader and Document Lambda, plus viking metal, folk, indie and a whole lot more amazing music from around the White world.

Dream Reaper starts with a slice of futuristic cyberfunk overlaid with plenty of staccato syncopation, before Document Lambda dials back the pace for a bit of lo-fi ambient perfect for waking up to with a cup of coffee and a vape.

FemaCampBandLeader is back with more exotic harmonies and extra terrestrial sound textures to wash over you, some familiar and some new, followed by the retro synth licks and dub bass of Switzerland’s Graeda.

Holon begins with a powerful bass rumble pulling together various majestic refrains into a cohesive whole, before Pixelorb kicks in with progressive rock drumming and a synth guitar solo similar to Vanryth’s ‘Automotive’ .

Roborg have a cavernous sound with plenty of reverb and lots of percussive extras, marching their way to victory through a variety of melodic loops before French favourite Triptidon appears, with more traditional darksynth arpeggios and chopped up bass lines.

TourDeForce bring us a final industrial pop classic from 2009 and then we are into head banging trad metal with Der Kahlkopf Metzger and turbo charged viking metal with plenty of time changes from Månegarm.

Squadron up next and a punk classic full of unexpected chord progressions and tremelo action then we are into the doom metal and old school bass of Weiße Aufstand.

Stille Volk add a taste of folk to proceedings with military style snare and male voices, leaving it up to Jack Hwite to finish in a traditional banjo style.

FemaCampBandLeader, Dream Reaper, Document Lambda, Roborg, Triptidon, Holon and Pixelorb are at soundcloud
Stille Volk are at hammerstorm
Jack Hwite is at youtube

00:50 Dream Reaper – Renegade – NEW
05:11 Document Lambda – Purgatorium - NEW
08:58 FemaCampBandLeader – Yatzee Neon – NEW
14:00 Graeda – Survive
17:27 Holon – You Are the Universe Experiencing Itself – NEW
23:32 Pixelorb – Hedonistic Lifestyle – NEW
29:04 Roborg – Hated – NEW
34:59 Triptidon - Death Carnival - NEW
38:58 TourDeForce – Frantic
42:34 Der Kahlkopf Metzger - Held Aus Eichenholz
45:26 Månegarm - Hervors Arv
50:54 Squadron – Naudhiz
53:41 Weiße Aufstand -  Im Feuer
57:48 Stille Volk - Sous la Peau de la Montagne - NEW
02:48 Jack Hwite – A Moral War – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 61 – ER 071019


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