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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 62 – ER 071719

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Six new synthwave tracks to begin and then it’s full throttle metal and punk all the way to the end this week, taking in a bit of folk metal and dungeon synth along the way.

We start slowly with 26Hate and his cover version of a tv theme and then we welcome disco kings Amalec back who have released three tracks at once. This one translates as ‘War without Hatred’.

DreamReaper turn up the bass and get the stomp machine working to the max, before Holon kicks in with break beats and cavernous strings.

Triptidon bring us back to cyberpunk territory with syncopated bass and a euro-pop hook line leading into swirling synths and sub bass. 

Flak ease us into the six string section with an acoustic sing-a-long to get you in the right mood for a dance with Hungarian pipe and fiddle band Dalriada.

Antithese are mixing the metal with the male voice choir effect alongside death metal growls and Forefather are going for the traditional metal sound with a really great chorus.

Rime get the feet tapping with a viking rock melody and a killer drum beat before Moshpit go total turbo on us and bring the metal to an end, but not the podcast.

Griffin are praising the sons of our race and then we finish with the beautiful harpsichord sounds of Rog from Croatia.

26hate, Amalec, DreamReaper, Triptidon and Holon are at soundcloud
Eskalation are at 88.nsm
Antithese are at hammerstorm

01:08 26hate – Stranger Things - NEW
04:18 Amalec - Krieg ohne Haß - NEW
07:09 DreamReaper – Diaxiom - NEW
11:26 Holon - Reality Breaking Apart - NEW
17:31 Triptidon - Crystallized Terror - NEW
21:52 Unknown
27:34 Flak - Give A Swing
31:22 Dalriada - Thury György Balladája 2
37:02 Eskalation - Ausbeutung der Arbeiterklasse - NEW
39:48 Antithese – Befreiungskampf - NEW
43:31 Forefather - Awakened Hate
48:26 Rime – Shores of the Brave
52:50 Moshpit - Moral Decay
56:30 Griffin - Sons Of Our Race
59:09 Rog -  Fate Brought Us Here

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 62 – ER 071719


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