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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 65 – ER 080719

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Top quality tunage from the pro-White and passive-White world tonight, just about every artist featured is at the top of his or her game making this Audio Insurgency a must listen.

FemaCampBandLeader begins with an epic ambient soundscape filled with the unexpected rhythms, funky bass lines and exotic melodies he has become known for. This is a really intricate piece of music with a nod to many of his earlier releases with the choice of sound and chord progression used.

Holon follows with a tribute to Rutger Hauer, building on a solid bass line with with plenty of triplets on the kick drum and synths that wash over you, bringing back memories of 80s sci-fi movies.

Murkula hits the distortion pedal for a cyberpunk outing with plenty of techno influences before we get to the next synthwave soundscape of the night from Faeros, who begins with a Tubular Bells like intro before letting rip with synth stabs and syncopated beats in a track reminiscent in places of progressive rock, complete with multiple time changes.

Allerseelen are showing a Pink Floyd influence but with plenty of their own originality making them hard to pigeonhole, the grungey bass on this and seventies style keyboards go great with the female spoken voice.

Steingrab could do with a sharper production but the melody in their atmospheric black metal still shines through, leading nicely into the more traditional metal sound of Eichenlaub mit Schwertern  and their male and female vocal harmonising.

Hot Rod Frankie and the Bride are up next with some of the best psychobilly you will have heard in years, guaranteed to get the party started, this is one album that you will want to go back to time and time again.

Ukraine’s Motanka evoke images of festivals with the sort of music that has crowds singing along and demanding more and then we are back into the black metal with Absurd and a cover version of a classic German volk song.

Jack Hwite’s song writing gets better by the week as he builds confidence in his cowpunk banjo style, which contrasts nicely with Hiraeth’s final tune of the night featuring beautiful female folk harmonies accompanied by acoustic guitar.

FemaCampBandLeader, Holon, Hiraeth, Murkula and Faeros are at soundcloud
Allerseelen and Steingrab are at hammerstorm
Eichenlaub mit Schwertern and Hot Rod Frankie and the Bride are at 88.nsm
Jack Hwite is on youtube

00:43 FemaCampBandLeader – ScrapYard SkyScrape – NEW
09:31 Holon – Things Remembered – NEW
15:36 Murkula – Project Fear – NEW
20:01 Faeros – Resistance Rises – NEW
30:41 Allerseelen – Requiem
35:19 Steingrab – Wurzein - NEW
40:19 Eichenlaub mit Schwertern - Narvik
44:45 Hot Rod Frankie and the Bride – Ensamhet -  NEW
47:39 Motanka – Air
53:07 Absurd - Ein Jager Aus Walhall
56:44 Jack Hwite – Genetic Aryan Soul Immortal - NEW
59:44 Hiraeth – Our Future is Our Own – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 65 – ER 080719


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