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Halindir: Audio Insurgency 69 – ER 090419

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Halindir is at the controls again, working that retro vibe in amongst a large industrial influence and plenty of orchestral instruments.

We start with a shiny slice of cyberfunk by DreamReaper, before moving into dirty industrial electro-pop from Russia mirrored by Kraftwerk influenced electro from Germany.

Into the Gothic realms next with exotic chants alongside indie riffs and drum samples, before Mohamed Ali pops up to warn us about the dangers of race mixing over a lo-fi back beat courtesy of Sweden.

The comfy tunes continue with the amazing voice of St. Friendship, setting the scene for the triumphant return of Amalec and their tribute to Romania’s finest son, Corneliu Codreanu.

Woodwind and strings herald the entrance of Volk Dissdent who ends with phrase after phrase of intricately composed melody wafting out of the speakers.

More strings follow, accentuating the unmistakable vocals of Stark Von Oben and Moongates Guardian finish the orchestral section with slow paced metal guitars and male voice choir.

Accordions are being squeezed next as we stay in Russia for the double kick drums and fiddles of Svaskalper, accompanied by soaring gender complimentary vocals.

Finland’s Verikalpa keep the folk metal vibe going with a dash of polka before it’s time to wind things down for the finish, with a keyboard led avante-garde track by Russian band MetalBlack.

DreamReaper, Tiwaz Tunes, St. Friendship, Volk Dissident & Amalec are on soundcloud

00:46 DreamReaper – Subsume – NEW
04:57 Ultimate Soldier - Ultimate Soldier (Nova State Machine Remix) – NEW
10:04 Werksfront – Stahlwerk
13:59 Terra Toxic - Тень (A.T.W.R. remix)
19:56 Tiwaz Tunes feat. Radikalizer - Mace Rixing – NEW
22:26 St. Friendship – Out For Blood – NEW
24:12 Amalec – Son of Romania – NEW
28:02 Volk Dissident - Together Into Night – NEW
34:44 Stark Von Oben - The Cloning
39:24 Moongates Guardian - The Wind Was On The Withered Hearth
45:35 Svaskalver - Король Ольхи
51:23 Verikalpa - Viimiseen Asti
55:27 MetalBlack - Surrounded by the Beauty of the World

Presented by Halindir

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 69 – ER 090419


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