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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 95 – AAI 031220

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Twelve new tunes including synthwave, ambient, classical, folk metal, black metal and ballads, hosted by Sven Longshanks and all created by pro-White and passive-White musicians from around the globe.

Don Dellpiero begins with an ambient soundscape filled with gentle whale sounds washing over you and a slow refrain that adds layer after layer to the music.

The Institute 91’ continues with the mellow beats and adds a saxophone for atmosphere, before Cult of Neon slices it up with mechanical drones and darksynth suspense.

Antisun are going for a retro chiptune feel straight out of an eighties arcade game and Skalski returns with more dark disco for us to chew on.

For Null has a great new album out full of different styles to cater to everyone and we have his collaboration with Hiraeth, which is probably her best yet in fact.

Imminent Reign really lets rip with the vocal harmonies before settling down into a Queen influenced metal sound and Volk Dissident returns from the wilderness with the magnificent title track of his new classical album. 

Nordglanz bring the guitars back for some melodic orchestral metal with a nod to their classic ‘Valkyria’ and Winter Solace Productions go for a distorted hypnotic black metal trance effort.

British atmospheric black metal from Helgafell brings us almost to the last tune with an acoustic section dedicated to the Spring, just before Asmund’s Celtic Frost influenced grunts and hard hitting metal take us right up to the end, with Minenwerfer playing us out with a ballad inspired by the first brothers war.

Don Dellpiero & Helgafell are at Youtube
Skalski, Volk Dissident,  Antisun, The Institute 91’, Cult of Neon, ForNull & Winter Solace Productions are at Soundcloud
Imminent Reign are at Youtube
Nordglanz & Asmund are at Hammerstorm

00:26 Don Dellpiero - The Beauty of Dystopian Society - NEW
06:57 The Institute 91’ – Slag - NEW
11:14 Cult of Neon - Linceul de Fumée - NEW
15:03 Antisun – Nosferatu - NEW
19:40 Skalski – Ghost - NEW
23:30 ForNull - The Sleepers Dream - NEW
27:32 Imminent Reign – A 3rd Draft in its Youth - NEW
34:18 Volk Dissident - Temple of Jupiter - NEW
38:52 Nordglanz – Fackelzug - NEW
45:28 Winter Solace Productions – Kek Det Som En Kek Var - NEW
52:28 Helgafell - Sullen is the Spring - NEW
01:39 Asmund - До Неба Поминальный Рог - NEW
08:04 Minenwerfer - Tiroler Edelweiss

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 95 – AAI 031220


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Artwork by Wambola

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