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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 71 – ER 091819

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Sven Longshanks stands in for Eternal Reich this week with a synth-heavy episode bursting with new tunes and spiced with viking metal, punk and trad folk.

Menacing beats from France’s Dirty Synth Story start proceedings with a digital guitar solo swiftly followed by Sweden’s Lyde, tearing up the dancefloor with a monster of a disco tune from their new EP Augmentation.

California’s Wolfgaze have a minimal plucked strings melody over a retro bassline to put a smile on your face and Revolt take us back to Scandinavia for an ambient track, with a change in pace more often encountered in the death metal section of the show.

Axis Reloaded have a go at remixing the Wiking SS marching song with plenty of pinball noises and Hitler samples, while Document Lambada heads in a different direction with a slow paced hypnotic groove going on.

FemaCampBandLeader is back and in a dubstep mood, beginning with familiar brass and bass sounds topped by exquisite synth trills flying off in unexpected directions.

Mojave keeps the happy vibes flowing, adding layer after layer of eighties flavoured sounds with a syncopated hi-hat, before it’s time to move into the metal section with an artist more often seen among the keys.

Elessar begins with a high pitched guitar solo before moving into ultra fast riffing and a chorus borrowed from Poland, followed by a viking metal anthem from Icelandic headbangers Skalmold, with catchy chorus and a great orchestral sound found within the twin guitars.

Polish Punks Obled follow that up with a blast of pogoing and a funky bass solo, before the hardcore riffs of Hungary’s Feher Torveny start shaking the speakers and the growls of Kahlkopf set the bell tolling, for Germany’s faithful to rise up and take their country back.

Dangerzone show their angst with a speedy slam fest and Uberfolk are taking a heavier direction than before with a cut from their new concept album that bodes well for the future, before Hiraeth finishes the podcast off with an acoustic piece full of harmonies and soft strumming.

Dirty Synth Story, Wolfgaze, FemaCampBandLeader, Lyde, and Document Lambada are at soundlcoud
Axis Reloaded and Obled are at 88nsm
Elessar, Uberfolk and Hiraeth are at youtube
Dangerzone are at hammerstorm

00:28 Dirty Synth Story – From Earth to Space - NEW
04:48 Lyde – Peacebreaker - NEW
09:18 Wolfgaze – All or Nothing - NEW
16:03 Revolt - Jord
18:52 Axis Reloaded - SS-Marschiert In Feindesland (Remake) - NEW
24:13 Document Lambada – Pestis - NEW
27:52 FemaCampBandLeader - The Rising Tide Of Right- NEW
31:18 Mojave - Odyssey
35:48 Elessar - Two Hearts - NEW
41:02 Skalmold - Niðavellir
45:50 Obled – Zapamietaj - NEW
51:07 Feher Torveny - Nem Szolga!
54:03 Kahlkopf - Land des Glaubens
57:57 Dangerzone - Der Harte Kern - NEW
00:46 Uberfolk - The Return Of The King - NEW
04:18 Hiraeth - Western Woes – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 71 – ER 092819


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