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Sensushade: Audio Insurgency 80 – AAI 112119

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

A record-breaking 15 new tunes to tickle your ears and get your feet tapping in this week’s Audio Insurgency, alongside the company of guest host Sensushade.

Old favourites Document Lambda kick things off with a drum and bass excursion, before retro-synthwave masters Europaweite Aussichten take us back to the seventies with their Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd influenced piece.

Mental Minority’s cheerful house beats bring us into the eighties, while Faeros blends Sebastian Villmark’s cellos with his own unmistakable brand of staccato bass darksynth.

Halindir’s latest in the Comfy series has hints of a clarinet recital about it, abruptly to be shaken by the guitar soloes and game sounds of Lone Alpha.

Wolfsschanze’s eurobeats are up next, contrasting with the harsher EBM of Portugal’s Ordo de Ignis.

Tapecult’s techno influenced new darksynth tune bodes well for his upcoming album and Waker’s music also looks good for the future, by the sound of this guitar solo with drum and bass.

White Rebellion’s new album has a lot more speed to it than the last one, this melodic piece of black metal is the title track which winds down smoothly into a country rock ballad from Sweden’s Runa.

St Friendship follows on from Amalec and ForNull with another complimentary remix of Hiraeth, this time in a lofi dub style that still manages to be characteristic of his own compositions.

Guitars, cellos and lyrics sung with relish make up Vogelfrey’s folk metal workout, before the final tune of the night goes to Znich’s growling guitar and Rutvica’s heavenly harmonies, accompanied by the Belarussian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Faeros, Halindir, Lone Alpha, Europaweite Aussichten, Mental Minority, Ordo de Ignis, Document Lambda, Tapecult, Waker and St Friendship are at Soundcloud
Wolfsschanze, Runa and Znich and Rutvica are at Youtube
Weiße Aufstand are at Barbatos Productions
Vogelfrey are at Hammerstorm

00:36 Document Lambda - Errors in My Head – NEW
03:00 Europaweite Aussichten and Full Eclipse – Sisters of the Wind – NEW
07:34 Mental Minority – A Moment, Eternal – NEW
13:13 Faeros – A Sebastian Villmark Medley – NEW
17:21 Halindir – Comfy XIII – NEW
19:11 Lone Alpha – Shinryuken – NEW
21:56 Wolfsschanze – Midnight – NEW
25:01 (ODI) Ordo de Ignis – Degeneracy – NEW
28:53 Tapecult – Run Before They Find You – NEW
32:34 Waker – Force of Nature – NEW
35:40 Weiße Aufstand – Blitzkrieg – NEW
41:53 Runa – For Landet – NEW
45:42 St Friendship – From the Ashes we Rise (Remix of Hiraeth) – NEW
50:27 Vogelfrey - Schüttel Dein Haupt – NEW
54:44 Znich and Rutvica - Сягодня ў нас Kупала – NEW

Presented by Sensushade

Sensushade: Audio Insurgency 80 – AAI 112119


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