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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 107 – AAI 060420

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

An episode bursting with guitars this week, ranging from electronica to black metal and even some neo-classical at the beginning, as we celebrate the amazing music that White men are capable of creating.

Halindir opens with the beat of a Shaman’s drum accompanying a brass section with plucked strings, building into a ‘Twenty One’ riff with too many new colours added to call it a remix.

Subtle piano and classical guitar from Awaiting Dawn keep us with the laid back vibes until a Twin Peaks style theme and tribal drumming heralds the entrance of Dirty Synth Story.

The Institute 91’ stay with the summer feeling and the mellow keyboards, before adding soaring guitar soloes and a funky bassline sounding almost like Stormking in places.

Holon hits double time before breaking out into a retro electro number guaranteed to get your foot tapping, while Lyde finish the electronica section with a majestic slow building Swedish disco stomper.

Italian band Topi Neri show their ska influences and ear for a good melody, before the raw energy rock ‘n roll of stalwarts Brutal Attack get us warmed up for a melodic hardcore workout from Heritage.

Asenblut power through five minutes of the heaviest riffs on earth landing every chord change on target, before Vinterhjerte add a progressive rock influence and syncopated rhythms to the Viking theme.

Aeterna begin with exotic guitar, flute and lush female vocals, soon to be joined by pipes and grunge guitars with unexpected riffs flying everywhere.

Astral choirs back the hell-for-leather drums and guitars of Aara before the Celtic influences come in, preparing a way for the strings, earthly choirs and triumphal melodies of Ruadh, in the final tune of the night.

Halindir, Aeterna, Aara & Ruadh are at Bandcamp
Awaiting Dawn, Dirty Synth Story, The Institute 91’, Lyde & Holon are at Soundcloud
Topi Neri are at Tuono Records
Brutal Attack are at SFH Records
Heritage are at OPOS Records
Asenblut are at AFM Records
Vinterhjerte are at DK Records

00:35 Halindir - Be Resolved, Warrior Ethos - NEW
08:40 Awaiting Dawn – Strangers - NEW
12:44 Dirty Synth Story - Short Ascent - NEW
16:07 The Institute 91’ - Dreadwyrm (Vosto & The Institute 91’) - NEW
22:03 Holon - Same Old Tactics - NEW
27:01 Lyde – Gradual Shift - NEW
33:14 Topi Neri - Mai Soli - NEW
38:20 Brutal Attack - Europe Is Burning - NEW
41:12 Heritage -  Legado - NEW
45:42 Asenblut – Irminsul - NEW
50:49 Vinterhjerte – Chains - NEW
55:57 Aeterna – Перекрёсток - NEW
02:10 Aara – Telos - NEW
10:28 Ruadh - Only distant echoes reign (Part 2) – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 107 – AAI 060420


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