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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 108 – AAI 061120

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

It’s time to check out the creative spirit of our ancestors once again, as manifested today in the musical compositions of their descendants.

Blut Adler starts the show with acoustic strumming and crusader keyboards, before the beat kicks in and the melody goes through several metamorphoses, eventually ending up in black metal guitars with the stereo effects being a nice touch.

Poland’s 1920 stay with the medieval military feel, adding accordions and kettle drums before Mojave turns up the sub bass with a dubstep remix of a Joan Jett classic.

Hate Coma go for a more traditional trance sound with heavenly choirs, while Elessar brings back the bass with sinister dark synth and an exotic melody over the top.

Celeritas Tenebris has added his own flavour to an Essenger track, highlighting the tubular bells influence and guitars.

Mind Terrorist open the rock section with chunky riffs and kick drum action, followed by a hardcore stomp around by slam dancing Spaniards Pugilato.

Rodonitza start like a jazz fusion outfit and end like Vapor Hiemis, breaking into an industrial TourDeForce type groove along the way.

Aara’s intro sounds reminiscent of Maiden’s ‘The Clansman’ but soon changes into a black metal version of ‘The Killers’ with classical overtones.

Hulkoff is back with a sea shanty full of super fast soloes on ancient and new stringed instruments, contrasting with the down and dirty squealing guitars of black n rollers Chotza.

Symbolik polish the production and reimagine the arpeggios of the orchestra through plectrums, bringing us to a crescendo just in time for Awaiting Dawn to play us out on the piano.

Blut Adler, Mojave, Hate Coma, Elessar, Celeritas Tenbris & Awaiting Dawn are at Soundcloud
1920 & Aara are at Bandcamp
Mind Terrorist are at Youtube
Pugilato are at OPOS
Rodonitza are at Barbatos Productions
Hulkoff are at Spotify

00:35 Blut Adler – Memoria - NEW
10:41 1920 - Faith And Will - NEW
16:12 Mojave - Joan Jett - I Love Rock n Roll - NEW
20:24 Hate Coma - Red Shift - NEW
25:18 Elessar - White Noise - NEW
28:30 Celeritas Tenebris Remix – Essenger – Empire of Steel – NEW
33:55 Mind Terrorist  - The End Of Tradition - NEW
38:02 Pugilato – Dime - NEW
41:53 Rodonitza - Закат над Европой (Sunset Over Europe) - NEW
47:19 Aara – Arkanum - NEW
56:43 Hulkoff - Varangian (Vinland Edition) - NEW
00:30 Chotzä – Fotza - NEW
06:42 Symbolik - Dirge of All Creation - NEW
11:48 Awaiting Dawn - Swept Away - NEW
Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 108 – AAI 061120


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Artwork by PatriArt

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