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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 110 – AAI 062510

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

White folks have always made the best music, whether pro-White or passive White, musical skill and the appreciation for it is a connection passed on from our ancestors, to their descendants.

Atmolifter begins with a low rumbling in the distance getting closer with each Pink Floyd style sweep of the keyboards as the ambient sounds lull us into a trance, ready to be snapped out of it by the acid house machine beats of Tr3vor Tayvor.

Air Midnight keeps the drones going but changes the rhythm for a melodic techno smasher, while Don Dellpiero goes for a smooth sophisticated retro sound with a hint of the Airwolf theme tune in places.

Mythical Vigilante brings back the mechanical edge and ups the pace, ready for the slap bass and horror synths of Russian black metal band Stigmatic Chorus.

Blitzkrieg begin like Adam and the Ants and end with a catchy metal chorus that only Germans know how to write, before Nordwind add a harpsichord to the mix, hitting a style similar to Black Magic SS.

Blutzeugen are channeling Lemmy’s bass playing and Gigi’s vocals for a rough and ready head banger, contrasting with the laid back melancholic strumming of Хмарь’s intro to their post black metal masterpiece.

Project 88 revive the twin guitars and German chorus, while Brahmastra shows his Metallica and Sabbath influences with ultra heavy riffs and thoughtful lyrics covering nazi UFO conspiracies.

M8L8TH head straight into hyper-fast riffing and operatic Russian singing, before the more melodic Paganland take over, showing Nokturnal Mortum influences in places and leaving ambient artist Awaiting Dawn to play us out with acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment.

Atmolifter, Tr3vor Tayvor, Don Dellpiero, Mythical Vigilante & Awaiting Dawn - Soundcloud
Air Midnight - Bitchute
Stigmatic Chorus - Sublimity Records
Blitzkrieg - Rebel Records
Nordwind - Rock Nord
Blutzeugen - OPOS
Хмарь, Paganland & Brahmastra  – Youtube
Projekt 8.8 – PC Records
M8L8TH – Militant Zone

03:21 Atmolifter - Albor Tholus - NEW
09:58 Tr3vor Tayvor – Adramalech - NEW
13:29 Air Midnight - Systematic Terror
17:30 Don Dellpiero – Getaway Car - NEW
22:50 Mythical Vigilante - 1984 is Now – NEW
25:55 Stigmatic Chorus – Crows - NEW
31:25 Blitzkrieg - Heiliges Grab
35:52 Nordwind - Asgard
40:42 Blutzeugen ‎- Ewige Wache - NEW
44:46 Хмарь - Когда деревья заговорят - NEW
52:33 Projekt 8.8 - Gott mit uns - NEW
55:51 Brahmastra - Base 211
00:51 M8L8TH - Скованный Цепями
05:46 Paganland - Von Wachter
11:15 Awaiting Dawn - The Road

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 110 – AAI 062510


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