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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 111 – AAI 070220

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Sixteen new songs this week with an emphasis on power metal and musicianship, plus plenty of classical and folk influences making their way across the generations and into your ears.

Stalowa Wola begin with male voice and classical accompaniment set to marching snares and nostalgia, before Document Lambda adds dance beats and ambient keyboards into the pot reminiscent of Coldcut at their best.

Smooth garage flavours next with a slightly funky edge courtesy of Efilheim, before Holon fires up the sonic cannons and takes us in a darker electro-tinged direction.

Synthicide wear their colours on their sleeve with pro-White vocal samples and a guitar solo from Imminent Reign flitting in and out of the spacey synths, while Lazerpunk takes us back to the nineties for some sparkling clean techno, contrasting with the dirty industrial sounding acid house of Trevor Tayvor.

Lautstärke begin the rock section with a hard rock singalong showing psychobilly influence, before we get serious with Romuvos and their Celtic melodies and Nordic singing style.

The sea shanties continue with Feuerschwanz making good use of fiddles and guitars with male harmonising, leading into guitars sounding like a string section for Falconer’s offering.

The Mercuryesque vocals of Imminent Reign’s power metal outing lead us into the instrumental realm and the extended guitar soloes of Drakarium, while Vice Versa bring us back to the double kick drums and traditional folk dance vocals.

Zmey Gorynich’s completely deranged vodka-drenched Russian knees up brings the metal section to an end and Traversing the Divide plays us out with a classical guitar piece.

Stalowa Wola – Steinklang Industries
Document Lambda, Efilheim, Synthicide, Romuvos, Drakarium & Zmey Gorynich – Self Released
Holon, Lazerpunk & Tr3vor Tayvor - Soundcloud
Lautstärke - RecordJet
Feuerschwanz - Napalm Records
Falconer - Metal Blade Records
Imminent Reign & Traversing the Divide - Youtube
Vice Versa - Dalmatinski Metal

00:21 Stalowa Wola - Labor Omnia Vincit - NEW
07:06 Document Lambda – Phosphorus - NEW
11:27 Efilheim – Memories – NEW
15:38 Holon - We Have Arrived - NEW
21:36 Synthicide - Who built the Modern World (feat. Anodyne & Imminent Reign) - NEW
27:23 Lazerpunk – Lockdown - NEW
31:06 Tr3vor Tayvor – Devotional – NEW
35:34 Lautstärke – Egal - NEW
39:35 Romuvos - Memel (1257) – NEW
46:27 Feuerschwanz – Kampfzwerg - NEW
50:23 Falconer - Kings and Queens - NEW
55:14 Imminent Reign – Like A Fire in the Night - NEW
01:34 Drakarium - Humour au clavier - NEW
08:34 Vice Versa – Dogovor - NEW
13:08 Zmey Gorynich - Matryoshkin Pop - NEW
16:40 Traversing the Divide - The Journey Home – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 111 – AAI 070220


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