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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 115 – AAI 073020

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Lots of pagan metal in the selection tonight, as well synthwave, country and western and cowpunk as we continue our search around the world for the best new music produced by White folks.

Holon eases us slowly into the beats with layers of sci-fi harmony, calling upon earlier sounds and motifs in his repertoire, while sax-maestro The Institute ‘91 keeps the melancholy feel but up’s the pace, in preparation for a cheery house tune from Wolfsschanze.

Mojave delves into his nineties rave samples and adds a millennial garage flavour to them, before the music brightens with the appearance of Micromomentarial as the summer shines in.

Dirty Synth Story brings unexpected metal guitars and chase scene synths with gamer nostalgia and Traversing the Divide opens the rock section sounding like seventies Yes with much sharper production.

Front 776’s triumphant soloes and call and response lyrics will get you up and about while Nordwind’s punk melodies suit the sensitive subject matter well.

Cult of Frey’s impressive harmonies make a great hook-line for their bombastic viking metal anthem, contrasting with the pop-rock and fun lyrics of The Decency taking a dig at the mundane world of the factory worker.

For Null puts his cowboy hat and spurs on for a brief slow dance, before Jarnvidr get the riffs chugging again with a raw drum sound and slow pounding beat.

Gernotshagen start slow with horns and toms, before moving into Maiden territory with twin lead guitars and operatic vocals, leaving it to Jack Hwite to play us out with haunting banjo and macabre lyrics.

Holon, Mojave, Micromomentarial, Dirty Synth Story, The Decency, For Null  – Soundcloud
The Institute ‘91, Wolfsschanze, Traversing The Divide, Nordwind, Cult of Frey, Gernotshagen – Self released
Front 776 – PC Records
Järnvidr – Midgard Records
Jack Hwite – Youtube

00:50 Holon – Beyond Space Time - NEW
07:28 The Institute ‘91 – Nepja - NEW
11:42 Wolfsschanze - Zenith - Destiny - NEW
15:49 Mojave – Rambunctious - NEW
19:54 Micromomentarial – Transience - NEW
23:53 Dirty Synth Story - Jet in Abduction Beam – NEW
29:20 Traversing The Divide - No Matter The Cost (Ft. NWG) - NEW
34:20 Front 776 - Halt's Maul! - NEW
38:04 Nordwind - Voice of the Voiceless - NEW
43:07 Cult of Frey - We Were Born of Odin (Once We Were Kings Part 3) - NEW
50:51 The Decency – Wagie 756321983 - NEW
54:14 For Null - Guilt In My Heart – NEW
57:22 Järnvidr - Vindilens Sjalasang - NEW
03:13 Gernotshagen - Blut für die Meute - NEW
11:51 Jack Hwite – The Hangman’s Lament – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 115 – AAI 073020


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