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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 123 – AAI 092420

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Take a journey into the White music world with Sven Longshanks and hear the latest tunes from independent bands and labels in the European genres.

Awaiting Dawn starts with the triumphant feel of a new day dawning before breaking into a ‘Chariots of Fire’ style motif from Atmolifter, garnished with a sprinkling of psi-trance.

Micromomentarial sounds like a mix between Graeda and Mojave with plenty of pitch bending, slowing us right down for a long intro into a sparkling retro disco cut from Mythical Vigilante.

Cult of Neon twiddles the knobs for Shortwire and comes up with more cyberpunk sounds than usual, while Blut Adler strips down a Xurious track and reassembles it into a marching hard dance masterpiece.

Artisian keep it short and simple with catchy lyrics contrasting with the layered production and harmonising of Alkonost’s progressive rhythms.

Ukraine’s Khors add Scandinavian and orchestral influences to a post-black metal style, while Norsegod take us back to the Viking age sounding like Maiden and Sabbath in parts.

Mørkt Tre keep things atmospheric with menacing acoustic riffs interspersed among dirty growling guitars, leading into the old school black metal style of Der Tod und die Landsknechte.

Finntroll add furious folk flourishes into the mix and Varg begin with racing finger-plucked guitars, before plunging into victorious rifforama and Viking vocals.

Halindir returns to the show to finish with an avant-garde number from his Comfy series.

Awaiting Dawn, Atmolifter, Alkonost, Mørkt Tre  – Independent
Micromomentarial, Mythical Vigilante, Cult of Neon, Blut Adler, Halindir   – Soundcloud
Artisian – Midgard Records
Khors – Ashen Dominion
Norsegod – Recordjet
Der Tod und die Landsknechte – Hammerstorm
Finntroll – Century Media
Varg – Napalm Records

01:03 Awaiting Dawn - Peace Beyond All Understanding - NEW
03:35 Atmolifter – Gravitor - NEW
08:39 Micromomentarial - Minimal Thinking - NEW
12:05 Mythical Vigilante - Sub Zero - NEW
18:17 Cult of Neon Remix – Shortwire – Slipstream - NEW
22:27 Blut Adler Remix – Xurious – Death To Traitors – NEW
31:54 Artisian - My Land - NEW
33:54 Alkonost – Prorochestvo - NEW
38:10 Khors – Blissforsaken - NEW
45:34 Norsegod - Northern Lights - NEW
51:57 Mørkt Tre -  Предковічні Гори - NEW
57:48 Der Tod und die Landsknechte - Für Den Sieg - NEW
02:55 Finntroll - Stjarnors mjod - NEW
07:25 Varg – Zeichen - NEW
13:16 Halindir - Comfy XVI – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 123 – AAI 092420


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