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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 124 – AAI 100120

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Join us for another audio adventure in the timeless world of music that the White man creates for us to enjoy.

Graeda begins with a soft disco number while the sun goes down, waiting for Document Lambda to add squelchy acid bass and turn up the pace.

Holon sticks to the tempo with psi-trance flourishes building forever to the drop, leaving it to Mythical Vigilant to switch things up electro style with plenty of eighties samples.

Amalec blends darker shades with lighter pop samples and Neurowolf brings us back to the familiar with a trance quarter-pounder and vocoder voice on the side.

Dan Terminus inserts an industrial influence among the electro before we are straight into the metalcore of Götterdämmerung, contrasting with the laid back blues guitar soloes of For Null.

Sunken gradually ease us into a post-black metal crescendo, abruptly changing into Hulkoff’s Polish influenced folk metal tribute to the Havemal.

New band Epine’s frantic orchestral accompaniment is reminiscent of Helioss, while Dwarrowdelf begins with ambient keyboards working up to the strings.

Mortal Plague start hell for leather before going full orchestral and Merkvolk finish with dirge, pipe and drums topped off with traditional female vocals.

Graeda, Document Lambda, Neurowolf, Epine, Mortal Plague, Hulkoff – Independent
Holon, Mythical Vigilante, Amalec, For Null – Soundcloud
Dan Terminus – Blood Music
Götterdämmerung – Slovak Metal Army
Sunken – Vendetta Records
Dwarrowdelf – Northern Silence Productions
The Mamas and the Pepes – Bitchute

01:08 Graeda – Melatonin - NEW
05:11 Document Lambda – Catharsis - NEW
09:53 Holon - One Step At A Time - NEW
16:42 Mythical Vigilante – Space Booty - NEW
21:56 Amalec – Everytime Spoop - NEW
24:31 Neurowolf - Amen
29:26 Dan Terminus – Requiem – NEW 30
34:15 Götterdämmerung - Viktoria Höhe - NEW
37:43 For Null – Everchanging Hope - NEW
40:17 Sunken – Delirium - NEW
49:22 Hulkoff - Over Dead Man (Vinland Edition) - NEW
53:40 Epine – Déréliction - NEW
58:25 Dwarrowdelf -  Return – NEW 30
06:21 Mortal Plague - Tongues of Fire - NEW
14:38 Merkfolk - Słoneczko moje – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 124 – AAI 100120


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