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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 127 – AAI 102220

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

More rock and metal than usual tonight, in our weekly roundup of the latest tunes made by independent artists from the White music genres.

Aeturna begins with intergalactic ambient vibes before Don Dellpiero takes over, with polished eighties keyboards complimented by a saxophone solo.

Holon picks up the pace with Underworld-esque chord progressions, plenty of flange effects and a funky electro bass line, before Sidestalker takes us right back to the dawn of the rave scene with breaks, beats and James Brown whoops.

For Null goes for a New Order styled melancholic yet cheerful piece of electronica, while Raven Throne sharpen up the production, adding kick drums, gutteral vocals and post-black metal guitars.

Labyrinthian add psychedelic seventies organ to the rough and ready riffs, contrasting with the the crunchy modern metalcore of White Guard and their shouted Brainwash style vocals.

Forest King has same great lyrics and a really catchy death metal influenced chorus, before Arseis bring hurdy gurdy and tin whistle to remind us of our traditional instruments.

Eskapism play furious lead guitar over chugging atmospheric riffs sounding like Helioss at times, before we break from the metal for orchestral country and western Hulkoff style.

Voland add strings and brass for a symphonic black metal workout, preparing the way for the glorious opening bars of Sokyra Peruna’s rousing ‘Hail the Heroes’ conjuring up images of Cossacks and Legionaries marching triumphantly back home from war.

Framtak play us out with traditional stringed instruments, chanting and mouth harp.

Aeturna, Don Dellpiero, Sidestalker, For Null – Soundcloud
Holon, Raven Throne, Labyrinthian, Forest King, Arseis, Voland – Independent
White Guard – Midgard Records
Eskapism - Todesritter Production
Hulkoff – Spotify
Sokyra Peruna – Sva Stone
Framtak – Unknown

01:10 Aeturna – Silver Sun - NEW
03:35 Don Dellpiero – Is This a Dream - NEW
08:14 Holon - Lethal Intent - NEW
15:34 Sidestalker - Dark Future - NEW
19:46 For Null - E.L.M. - NEW
24:17 Raven Throne - U Daloniach Zimy - NEW
30:05 Labyrinthian -  Death & Transfiguration - NEW
36:48 White Guard – Prometheus - NEW
41:58 Forest King - Dead Moon of the Dark Wood - NEW
45:44 Arseis - La Nef les Morz – NEW
52:55 Eskapism - Riminiscence- NEW
00:19 Hulkoff - Lone Wolf (Vinland Edition) - NEW
04:59 Voland - Ataman
10;18 Sokyra Peruna - Слава Героям - NEW
16:41 Framtak – Utferd – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 127 – AAI 102220


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