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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 128 – AAI 102920

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Tonight’s show is full of great choruses and soaring melodies in the metal section, with deep and expressive techno influences in the electronica.

Mental Minority begins with layered ambient synth swirls over an industrial beat, before we are introduced to a new one from Wolfgaze using familiar sounds from his earlier track ‘Hypernova’.

Velax takes us on a journey right from the start, building layer after layer of texture over a pounding disco bassline reminiscent of KLF’s ‘What Time is Love’, contrasting with a more minimalist style of hypnotic techno from Document Lambda.

Diversant 13 start with a trance melody, which flowers into an industrial stomper with more of a traditional song structure, leading us into Lazerpunk’s eighties flashback body-popping techno smasher ‘Countach’.

Saltatio Mortis open the rock section with wistful bagpipes before hitting the high notes of German power metal and segueing into the angry punk riffs and inspiring lyrics of True Aggression.

We Want War play fast and furious with the riffs, highlighting another great chorus before Reborn’s harps, pipes and chanting take us back to pre-electrified and less degenerate times.

London Breed show there’s still spirit to be found in the city with a Punk protest against the Corona lockdown while Forest King’s distinctive voice sings the praises of the heroes of our folk.

Sokyra Peruna add guitar harmonies and mournful organs to another powerful voice bringing us to the final track of the night, a powerful heartfelt Italian ballad from Ultima Frontiera.

Mental Minority, Document Lambda, Lazerpunk, Reborn, Forest King – Self released
Wolfgaze – Soundcloud
Velax – Oberwave Records
Diversant 13 – Skyqode
Saltatio Mortis – Spotify
True Aggression – OPOS Records
We Want War – Tinnitus Records
London Breed – PC Records
Sokyra Peruna – Sva Stone
Ultima Frontiera – RAC Forever

00:55 Mental Minority – Wastelands - NEW
06:44 Wolfgaze - Wolf's Gaze - NEW
11:28 Velax – Corruption - NEW
18:18 Document Lambda – Avenoir - NEW
24:47 Diversant 13 - Here Comes the Storm
29:53 Lazerpunk – Countach – NEW
33:12 Saltatio Mortis - Linien im Sand - NEW
36:49 True Aggression - O.P.O.S.O.F. - NEW
39:26 We Want War - Tomorrow Never Comes (feat. Flatlander) - NEW
45:53 Reborn – Germania - NEW
52:34 London Breed – Lockdown - NEW
58:14 Forest King - Folk and Heroes – NEW
02:25 Sokyra Peruna – Legionnaire - NEW
07:11 Ultima Frontiera - 18.08.1946 – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 128 – AAI 102920


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