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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 132 – AAI 112620

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

More metal than electronica tonight with an emphasis on Pagan, Viking and Folk metal and even the Doom variety making an appearance.

Tresalis begin with U2 influenced strumming and atmospheric timpani among the ambient flavours, while Modernicide II goes for breakbeats, acid loops and a theremin melody, all very fresh.

Zeta Zero Alpha turns up the speed dial with a bouncy bassline and chaotic Italian speech samples, before Acylum go deep, dark and industrial with a Saxon battle cry.

Freaky Mind stay with the pounding kick drums adding distorted vocals in a lament for our youth, contrasting with the almost operatic singing on Dolina Cieni’s pagan metal offering.

Ramchat mix chugging riffs with frantic plectrum action and Draconian slow everything right down for the first bit of gothic doom metal to be played on the podcast.

For Null takes us in a funky blues direction with pro-White lyrics, accompanied by fellow White Art Collective patron Arcology and a melodic progressive-metal workout.

Thrudvangar go ultra heavy with an old school viking metal number, followed by exquisite pipe and fiddle folk-metal harmonies courtesy of Herumor.

A triumphant brass section heralds the entrance of Girders, with death metal influences in there among the symphony and Alkonost finish with a stripped back piano version of one of their classics.

Alkonost, Arcology, For Null, Freaky Mind, Ramchat   – Independent
Dolia Cieni – Youtube
Draconian – Napalm Records
Girders – Unknown
Herumor – Trisol
Modernicide II, Tresalis – Soundcloud
Thrudvangar – Trollzorn Records

00:20 Tresalis – Hansel and Gretel - NEW
05:00 Modernicide II – Zoomer - NEW
07:59 Zeta Zero Alpha - Fulgur! - NEW
11:23 Acylum – Sieg Oder Walhalla - NEW
18:04 Freaky Mind - Lost Generation – NEW
23:04 Dolina Cieni  - W Matni - NEW
28:13 Ramchat - Ľadová pláň - NEW
33:04 Draconian - The Sacrificial Flame - NEW
41:03 For Null - White Man - NEW
47:17 Arcology - Transmission Unknown... - NEW
52:58 Thrudvangar - Fenrirs Brut - NEW
57:22 Herumor - Die Ballade vom 'Treuen Troll' - NEW
09:06 Girders - The Colossal Serpent Slayer - NEW
17:21 Alkonost - Хладный огонь ночи – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 132 – AAI 112620


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