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Patriotic Weekly Review: Endeavour – PWR 123020

Mark Collett and No White Guilt are joined by Royal Endeavour for a new episode of Patriotic Weekly Review.

Mark begins with a timetable of shows for the New Year before drawing attention to inconsistencies in the Covid narrative, particularly in Wuhan.

One reporter tried to claim it was the busiest day ever for ambulances, while being stood in front of a stationary fleet of the vehicles.

These inconsistencies first started being noticed when Black Lives Matter riots were given a free pass, while White lockdown protesters were being shamed as covidiots.

Jason points out that whatever can be used to attack Whites will be used as ammunition against us, particularly Covid regulations.

Cultural appropriation of Whites is discussed, such as black actors being given parts in historical dramas playing our ancestors.

Mark talks about some of the scrapes he got into while leafleting with the BNP.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt

Patriotic Weekly Review: Endeavour – PWR 123020


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