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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 136 – AAI 122420

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

A more laid back pace to the show tonight with lots of acoustic guitars and acapella, alongside the metal and electronica.

Birovius begins like its 2am at a warehouse rave in the early nineties before the hardcore took over, leaving the stage for Holon to cut the pace in half with a dub bass space exploration.

TourDeForce are back with a sharp slice of Euro-pop featuring Christian Ryder’s pitch perfect voice and subtle guitar work, while For Null takes us back to the big band seventies for a rock around the Christmas tree.

Artisian gets the bodhran out for a traditional Scottish chant soon complimented by Jack Hwite’s earthly banjo plucking and St Friendship’s heavenly harmonising.

Bachus’ esoteric blackgaze riffing brings us into the metal section with emotional vocals at both ends of the scale, contrasting with the more melodic post black metal strumming and soft singing style of Einvigi.

Incantatem wake us up with distorted bass strumming and funky beats, before the synths return for some epic operatic Italian power metal courtesy of Cristiano Fillipini.

RAC legends Blutzeugen are back with chunky riffs and majestic growling harmonies, leading us into the liturgical chanting and Sabbath style riffing of Batushka, proving the original black metal aesthetic belonged to the Orthodox church.

Sturm18’s offering could have been made by Saxon in the eighties only with much better production, leaving it to the experimental soprano of symphonic black metallers Folterkammer to close out the metal section.

Myrkur’s new folk single finishes the show with soft piano and Gaelic singing.

Birovius, Holon, For Null – Soundcloud
Jack Hwite and St Friendship – Youtube
Artisian – Skull and Bones
Bachus – Solar Asceticists Productions
Batushka, Myrkur – Self Released
Blutzeugen – OPOS Records
Cristiano Filippini's Flames Of Heaven – Christiano Fillipini
Einvigi – Spotify
Folterkammer – Gilead Media
Incantatem – Incantatem-band.de
Sturm 18 – Old School Records
TourDeForce – My Owl Music

00:11 Birovius – Plasma Tides - NEW
09:33 Holon - The Undeniable Truth - NEW
14:20 TourDeForce – Les Dernier Des Bellini – NEW
18:50 For Null - A Westmans Christmas - NEW
22:17 Artisian - I Will Go - NEW
25:08 Jack Hwite and St Friendship - Mother Klara, Full of Grace – NEW
28:42 Bachus – V - NEW
34:30 Einvigi -  Korven Yllä Tanssivat Taivaan Tulet – NEW
42:42 Incantatem – Seuche – NEW
45:52 Cristiano Filippini's Flames Of Heaven - Against the Hellfire - NEW
52:15 Blutzeugen – Nibelungentreue - NEW
56:52 Batushka – Utrenia – NEW 
02:43 Sturm 18 - Hail Old Glory – NEW 
07:58 Folterkammer - Die Nänie – NEW 
14:24 Myrkur – Dronning Ellisiv – NEW 45

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 136 – AAI 122420


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