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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 138 – AAI 011421

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Epic atmospheric black metal and polished synthwave from White artists, it must be a new episode of the Audio Insurgency.

TourDeForce begin with a sublime slice of nostalgic Europop and a fantastic accompanying video, followed by the futuristic electro beats and cyberpunk bass of Sylac.

Europaweite Aussichten drops the pace for a retro number Kraftwerk style, while Aeterna take the Cybernazi influence to another level with a nod to Galactic Lebensraum.

Document Lambda heads further into techno territory with a marching beat and acid overdubs, leaving us with the beat and adding Johnny Cash guitars and haunting vocals from Darkwood.

For Null uses keyboard sounds from an earlier piece to craft a catchy rock song with his distinctive vocals and Streitmacht take us into the metal section proper with a punk workout.

All the Cold make a triumphant beginning with oriental chimes, moving into plucked harps and finally victorious post-black metal screaming guitars.

Fiur stay on the experimental end of the atmospheric black metal with ambient keyboards and progressive rock influences, while The Simple Men move into the symphonic realms blending metalcore with brass and strings.

Moongates Guardian stay with the brass and woodwind adding Tolkein inspired lyrics and Halindir finishes the episode with the joyous sound of pixies partying in the woods.

Aeturna, Halindir – Soundcloud
All the Cold, Darkwood, Document Lambda, Europaweite Aussichten, Sylac – Self Released
Fiur – Fiurmetal.de
For Null, TourDeForce – Youtube
Streitmacht, The Simple Men – Das Zeughaus
Moongates Guardian - Hammerstorm

01:03 TourDeForce – Nemo Propheta in Patria – NEW
06:48 Sylac - Utopian Illusions – NEW
14:00 Europaweite Aussichten – Neon Lights - NEW
17:37 Aeterna – Kawasaki – NEW
23:06 Document Lambda – Paro – NEW
27:15 Darkwood - One-Eyed God - NEW
32:04 For Null – Gorthang’s Rock - NEW
36:10 Streitmacht - Nationaler Widerstand - NEW
40:07 All the Cold -  Emerald Land – NEW
51:27 Fiur – Seelenflug – NEW
02:18 The Simple Men – Prestige – NEW
06:49 Moongates Guardian - Flying Home - NEW
12:46 Halindir - Hedelandet IV – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 138 – AAI 011421


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