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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 141 - AAI 020421

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Showcasing the best independent new music from our race, some may be passive, some may be active, but all are White. 

Birovius lets the light shine in with glorious orchestral synths from heaven while Document Lambda responds with an eighties drum machine and analogue organ rendition of the New Order anthem.

The Institute ‘91 stays with the retro style adding a sax solo for authenticity, before the abrasive bass of Misanthropix kicks in bringing us back into twenties cyberpunk.

TourDeForce adds rock guitar to an industrial framework and Dav Dralleon adds a black metal sensibility to synthwave components, making for some outstanding ordered chaos that finishes far too soon.

Sur Austru open the metal section with frantic riffing moving into viking chants, before we get our folk dancing shoes on for Wolfenmond and their enthusiastic female singer, whose voice really suits her native language well.

Jedem Das Seine bring a hardcore flavour to their Metallica style stomp about, contrasting with the slow-paced majestic post-black metal riffing of Skyforest building to a crescendo.

Therion bring a brass section and soprano singer to harmonise with the power metal, while Null go for atmospheric strings that wouldn’t be out of place in a Lord of the Rings soundtrack before the celtic black metal soloes take over.

Sturmwehr finish up with an acoustic medley of classic Skrewdriver anthems.

Birovius, Dav Dralleon, Misanthropix – Soundcloud
Document Lambda – Documentlambda.com
The Institute ‘91, Skyforest – Self Released
Jedem Das Seine – Last Round Records
Sturmwehr – Unofficial Release
Sur Austru – Avantgarde Music
Therion – Nuclear Blast
Wolfenmond – Trisol
Null – Of the North Records

01:04 Birovius - The Beautiful Gates
06:37 Document Lambda – Blue Monday - NEW
13:49 The Institute ‘91 – Broadside - NEW
17:36 Misanthropix - Solve Everything - NEW
21:31 TourDeForce – You Ass Rah El - NEW
25:34 Dav Dralleon – Vampyr Golgotha – NEW
30:44 Sur Austru - Cant Adânc - NEW
36:16 Wolfenmond – Tanzverbot - NEW
40:31 Jedem Das Seine – Самосуд – NEW
44:47 Skyforest - Rebirth
53:04 Therion - Aži Dahāka - NEW
56:37 Null - Hiraeth II - NEW
09:23 Sturmwehr – Memorial – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 141 - AAI 020421


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