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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 143 – AAI 021821

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lo-fi, ambient, country, dream folk, RAC, folk metal, atmospheric, black metal, synthwave and dissident rock – White folks always make the best music.

Halindir begins with with plucked synth harp chased by an oboe melody, followed by Spanish guitar and lo-fi beats from Vanity Culture.

Document Lambda takes us back to the middle ages with muzak overtones, while Mythical Vigilante shows his old electro influences doing the original boogaloo.

Holon gathers sound from the four corners of the known audioverse into a pulsating breaks piece, before Willie Rebel brings triumphant country blues with gospel harmonies and a bit of variety.

Heiliger Krieg’s RAC anthem starts the metal section sounding like a heavier Mistreat, followed by call and response harmonies with Sleipnir’s powerful singer.

Hand of Kalliach blend nu-metal with folk and female vocals leading into Kylfingar’s pipes and riffs folk metal, with Scottish sounding melodies and viking metal beats.

Beleriand make use of baroque style harpsichord before bringing guitars and piano in for an atmospheric black metal outing, with Winterfylleth continuing in the same vein with less instrumentation.

Jotunheim jolt us out of the trance with blast beats and dessicated vocals, before Svartskaldr’s more progressive blackened style takes over with Orthodox Russian chant influences.

The Mamas and the Pepes play us out with acoustic blues and harmonies.

Beleriand, Hand of Kalliach, Kylfingar, Jotunheim, Mythical Vigilante, Svartskaldr, Winterfylleth  – Independent
The Mamas and the Pepes, Willie Rebel, Vanity Culture, Holon – Soundcloud
Heiliger Krieg – Old School Records
Sleipnir – Unofficial
Document Lambda – Documentlambda.com

01:04 Halindir - Comfy XVIII - NEW
05:28 Vanity Culture - Kalimba Dreams - NEW
07:15 Document Lambda – Greensleeves - NEW
11:07 Mythical Vigilante - Do The Boogaloo
15:12 Holon - An Obvious Disconnect - NEW
21:10 Willie Rebel – God’s Country - NEW
24:02 Heiliger Krieg - Black, White And Red! - NEW
27:42 Sleipnir - Menschenrecht Und Perversion - NEW
31:56 Hand of Kalliach - White Horizon - NEW
37:24 Kylfingar - Istenek Hangja (version 2020)
42:47 Beleriand - Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here - NEW
49:11 Winterfylleth – The Green Cathedral - NEW
02:23 Jotunheim – Fenris - NEW
08:27 Svartskaldr - Hymn to the Sun - NEW
15:19 The Mamas and the Pepes – The Small Ways – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 143 – AAI 021821


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