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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 144 – AAI 022521

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Harder electronica as well as Nordic folk, guitar instrumental, symphonic, atmospheric and NS black metal to check out this week.

Runfell begin with jaunty lutes and jesters dancing to a viking longship rower’s chant, followed by dark electro beats and aggro-tech from Formalin.

More melodic synth doodles with a touch of disco comes courtesy of Lazerpunk, building up to the Lyde-like excellence of new artiste Macrowave.

Acylum keep the kick drum pounding and the effects reverberating, leading into the darksynth influenced power metal of Sirenia.

Guitar virtuoso Jari Lindholm does away the vocals entirely but manages to keep the attention, while Radarna make use of a wide range of vocal harmonies in their acoustic folk ballad.

Mournful melancholia with riffs and a string section topped with falsetto follows from Beleriand, before Causam’s post-black metal lead guitar chorus kicks in.

Church organ and peels of brass herald the technical death metal entrance of Locus Neminis, while Ordensburg appear to be using military melodies as a framework for the blast beats.

Krayenzeit round the podcast off with a trad-folk ode to mein bruder.

Acylum – Alfa Matrix
Beleriand, Jari Lindholm, Lazerpunk, Locus Neminis, Macrowave, Runfell, Sirenia – Self Released
Causam – Causam.ch
Formalin – Neuwerk Music
Krayenzeit – Trisol
Ordensburg – Hammerbund
Radarna – Youtube

01:06 Runfell - Fill the Horn - NEW
08:01 Formalin - Savage - NEW
11:55 Lazerpunk - Netrunner - feat. Donbor - NEW
16:31 Macrowave - Ex Materia – NEW
21:11 Acylum - Sieg Oder Walhalla (Aesthetische Remix) – NEW
25:52 Sirenia - We Come to Ruins - NEW
31;20 Jari Lindholm – Derelict - NEW
37:16 Radarna - Beyond Pain - NEW
40:57 Beleriand - Eyes That Fire and Sword Have Seen - NEW
48:32 Causam - Wasteland Utopia – NEW
54:28 Locus Neminis - Zerfall Zwischen Toten Sternen und Staub - NEW
02:00 Ordensburg - Für Deutschland Zu Sterben – NEW
09:42 Krayenzeit - Mein Bruder – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 144 – AAI 022521


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