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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 147 – AAI 031821

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Music by White artistes from different genres, with much of it reflecting European ideas or interests.

Holon makes a slow entry with an understated electro-ambient dub number, followed by an orchestral soundtrack arrangement building to a crescendo from Zac Ivand.

Wolfchild go for an orchestral industrial tune in a Stark Von Oben style, while No Longer Human keep the industrial beats going with more of a machine feel to them.

Asmodai lighten the load with their dreamy witch house style and Cult of Neon sharpen up the sonic distinctions with some retro darksynth.

Dreamreaper finishes the synth section with a slice of hard-edged cyberfunk and Blackout play a re-released viking classic to open the metal-based second half of the show.

Orden Ogan stay with the melodic power metal and plenty of vocal harmonies before Nemorius break out the fiddles and whistles for an Irish tinged folk metal number.

Einherjer strip back the frills for a chugging trad metal tune, leading into the powered-up bagpipe metal of Russia’s Mjord and onwards to the symphonic arrangements and frantic soloes of Stormtide.

You can tell Numenor are big fans of Maiden through their vocals, bass and staccato riffing, while Obscura Religio fill their sound with choirs and strings topped off with menacing vocals.

Runfell finish the selection from deep within the forest with shamanic chanting, mouth harps and rower’s beats.

Asmodai – Untitled Burial
Cult of Neon, Runfell, No Longer Human – Self Released
Dreamreaper – Dreamreaper Music
Einherjer – Napalm Records
Nemorius – Nemorius.com
Numenor – Numenor Kingdom
Obscura Religio – Spotify
Stormtide – Metal Hell Records
Mjod - VK
Orden Ogan – Ordenogan.de
Wolfchild – Mente Rota

00:50 Holon – Form Dictates Function - NEW
07:11 Zac Ivand - Last Hero - NEW
11:04 Wolfchild - Snow In April - NEW
17:43 No Longer Human - The End Times (Extended Version) – RE-RELEASED
23:21 Asmodai - Flight Up (feat. åpostol) - NEW
27:09 Cult of Neon – Misanthropolis - NEW
30:20 Dreamreaper – Prismtek – NEW
34:48 Blackout - Viking
39:15 Orden Ogan - Absolution For Our Final Days - NEW
43:57 Nemorius - Mountain High - NEW
46:47 Einherjer - Echoes in Blood - NEW
51:54 Mjod – Valhalla - NEW
55:39 Stormtide – Crucible - NEW
00:14 Numenor – Feanor – NEW
03:36 Obscura Religio - Staub Und Knochen - NEW
09:45 Runfell – Skadi - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 147 – AAI 031821


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