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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 149 – AAI 040121

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of Slavic influences in the music tonight, plus folk, industrial, black metal and plenty of orchestral instrumentation.

Olivia Key and Will Stanley’s compete reimagining of an old folk song heavily soaked in nostalgia starts the show, followed by the beats and effects of Slovakian ambient electro artists Disharmony.

Air Midnight get into a late eighties Yello groove with guitars and deep bass vocals, while Implant resist the censorship with a minimal techno melody and industrial beats.

Gothic electro next with a rave influence from Das Werk, leading into a post-Soviet industrial stomper from original Russian remixers Holocoder.

Nordwind start the rock section with an old school punk anthem, moving into epic crusader metal from Manntra and majestic harmonic blackgaze from Italian band Quiete.

Interior Wrath’s symphonic black metal adds a patriotic flavour to the keyboard melodies, followed by the tinkling ivories of Regnat Horrendum’s offering.

Vogneve keep the Slavic salvo firing with Eastern melodies and unexpected time signatures, while Skylord play melodic death metal with a Viking aesthetic.

An epic classical ambient piece by Archaic Silence rounds the podcast off with string section, soprano and rock guitars. 

Air Midnight – Far Musics
Archaic Silence – Cod Music Distro
Das Werk – Scanner DD
disHARMONY – Aliens Production
Во Гневе, Regnat Horrendum, Skylord  – Self Released
Holocoder - VK
Implant – Alfa Matrix
Interior Wrath – Der Shwartze Tod
Manntra – Manntraband
Nordwind – A.S.
Olivia Key and Will Stanley – Youtube
Quiete – Cult of Parthenope

01:10 Olivia Key and Will Stanley – Take me Home, Country Roads - NEW
05:17 disHARMONY -  Ordinary Penetration - NEW
10:46 Air Midnight - Hollow (Single Mix) - NEW
16:40 Implant - Censorship Through Noise (Part III) - NEW
20:04 Das Werk – Schneekonigin - NEW
24:30 Syncfactory - Minds Eye (Holocoder version) – NEW
31:14 Nordwind – Störtebecker – RERELEASE
33:30 Manntra - Ori Ori - NEW
37:08 Quiete – Aurora - NEW
44:25 Interior Wrath – Беларусь - NEW
49:52 Regnat Horrendum - Eternal Warrior - NEW
55:01 Во Гневе - Челн томленья – NEW
59:54 Skylord - Триумф Победы - NEW
07:57 Archaic Silence - Вальхалла

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 149 – AAI 040121


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