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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 155 – AAI 052021

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

New music from European artists and European Nationalists from all over the White world.

Awaiting Dawn starts by blending dance beats with rock sensibilities, before the eighties arcade game fx and minimal electro of Universal Soldier takes over.

Mythical Vigilante gets the lazers waving and the feet tapping with a soundtrack influence over the retro bassline, while Teknein sounds like he could be competition for Cybernazi.

For All the Emptiness go darker and faster before adding futurepop vocal harmonies in anticipation of TourDeForce taking over and adding an italodisco backing to the lyrics.

Distorted guitars and a Daft Punk groove can only mean a new tune from AKMV-18, taking us into the speaker-blasting cyberpunk of Forerunnerx’s new single.

Blackout open the rock section in NWOBHM style with a tribute to Kriss Donald, followed by Stahlfaust’s crisp production and sharp hardcore riffs with a Germanic RAC chorus.

Operatic power metal next from Russia’s Emerald Night, contrasting with the progressive rock, black metal and even Pink Floyd influences of Romania’s Dordeduh.

Ereb Altor round off the metal section with Nordic singing and horns blasting and Will Stanley finishes the podcast with frenetic banjo playing and subtle ambient effects.

Awaiting Dawn, AKMV-18, For All the Emptiness, Forerunnerx, Mythical Vigilante, Universal Soldier – Self Released
Blackout – Silurian Productions
Dordeduh – Prophecy Productions
Emerald Forest - VK
Ereb Altor – Hammerheart Records
Stahlfaust – OPOS Records
Teknein – 86 Dresden
Will Stanley – Telegram

00:44 Awaiting Dawn - No More (Remix)
04:03 Ultimate Soldier – Power - NEW
08:56 Mythical Vigilante – Lazer Wavin - NEW
13:39 Teknein - Reichsretter Pt3 - NEW
17:00 For All The Emptiness - Taking Back Control - NEW
21:49 Tourdeforce - I Am Providence
27:22 AKMV-18 – Discopia – NEW
32:21 Forerunnerx - Machina Gore – NEW
35:51 Blackout - The Ballad Of Kriss Donald – NEW
42:55 Stahlfaust - Treue Wollen Wir Schwören - NEW
48:16 Emerald Night - Land of Eternal Summer – NEW
57:26 Dordeduh - De Neam Vergur - NEW
08:20 Ereb Altor - The Twilight Ship - NEW
16:33 Will Stanley – The King Within – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 155 – AAI 052021


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