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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 170 – AAI 091621

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

New music from around the world that shows the European spirit of its maker.

Halindir begins with a medieval jig showing a Baleygr influence, before passing the crusader’s banner to Engelsblut as they sing around the camp fire.

Inexdra bring us back to the 21st century with a smooth slice of sharpened retro, followed by Cult of Neon’s equally nostalgic slab of synth wizardry.

Revizia and Magnavolt go for bass-led darksynth, taking us into the unmistakably Russian dark electro of XXOT.

The jackhammer synthwave black metal of VVOV leads us into the metal section, with Brainstorm showing a heavy Maiden influence with the vocals.

Thyrfing’s horns and ravens herald epic viking metal from Sweden, while Vanaheim strip back the orchestra and charge ahead with just guitars.

DST come crashing in with precision aggression and technical riffs, contrasting with the controlled post-black metal chaos of Trna.

Symphonic black metal comes courtesy of Walg with a full orchestra and Withered Land’s melancholic refrain accompanied by string section and woodwind.

Osi and the Jupiter finish up with Appalachian folk guitars and viola.

Halindir, Revizia and Magnavolt – Soundcloud
Engelsblut, Cult of Neon, VVOV, Trna, Walg, Withered Land, Osi and the Jupiter – Self Released
Inexedra  -FiXT Neon
XXOT – Insane Records
Brainstorm – AFM Records
Thyrfing – Despotz Records
Vanaheim – Prodejhudbu.cz
DST – Frontmusik

00:56 Halindir - Red Ryebread - NEW
04:28 Engelsblut – Valhalla - NEW
08:17 Inexedra – Ratface - NEW
14:11 Cult of Neon - Cest la Mort - NEW
17:22 Revizia and Magnavolt – Entropy - NEW
22:29 XXOT - Дядя Миша - NEW
25:55 VVOV – Mietteitä - NEW
29:14 Brainstorm - My Dystopia – NEW
33:48 Thyrfing - Håg och minne – NEW
39:58 Vanaheim - Thorovo kladivo - NEW
43:31 D.S.T. - Man sieht sich – NEW
50:37 Trna – Rebirth – NEW
58:20 Walg - A Prophecy Unfulfilled – NEW
03:01 Withered Land - Mournful Story Never Ends – NEW
11:52 Osi and the Jupiter - To Reap What Has Sown – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 170 – AAI 091821


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