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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 173 – AAI 100721

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

All sorts of fantastic music this week, from classical to power metal taking in synthwave and folk along the way.

Nullus’ poetry set to Volk Dissident’s strings starts the show in suitable grandiose style, followed by the dreamy synthpop of Crystal Matrix using similar sounds to Leon Twenty One.

Calle Della Morte and TourdeForce add a bouncy acidhouse electro bassline leading us into the bubbly electro beats and futuristic wibbly-wobbles of Sylac.

Nachtmahr pick up the pace with a pipe banging industrial stomper, passing the beat over to Rouge to add breakdowns and a sense of urgency.

Abstract Void add blackgaze guitars to breakbeats similar to A Light in the Dark, preparing the way for epic power metal with classical influences from Tales and Legends.

Apostolica continue with the harmonics and church organs until we take a break, for the slow waltz viking metal and Scandinavian vocals of Hjernverk.

Eard let rip with blastbeats and post black metal riffs adding celtic harp for bonus novelty points, while Halindir finishes up with Danish harp, piano and acoustic guitar.

Nullus and Volk Dissident – Odysee
Crystal Matrix -  Demon Shinegami
Calle Della Morte, TourdeForce – SPQR Label
Sylac – Subatomic Audio
Nachtmahr – Trisol
Rouge – Detriti Records
Abstract Void, Tales and Legends – Self Released
Apostolica – Scarlet Records
Hjernverk – Dim Records
Eard – Avantgarde Music
Halindir – Soundcloud

53:77 Nullus and Volk Dissident - Tyrtaeus' Spartan Song of War - NEW
12:07 Crystal Matrix - Our Future Is Hard-Hearted
20:08 Calle Della Morte and TourdeForce - Gelido - Cosmo Cocktail Remix
23:57 Sylac - Self Replicating Synthetic Organism - NEW
30:00 Nachtmahr - Nicht Wie Sie - NEW
34:38 Rouge - Race Against Time – NEW
39:13 Abstract Void - New Vision – NEW
45:35 Tales and Legends - Struggle of the Gods – NEW
55:42 Apostolica – Famine – NEW
00:28 Hjernverk - Dårskap & Apati – NEW 
04:39 Eard – Eardstapa – NEW
17:36 Halindir - Comfy XXIV – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 173 – AAI 100721


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