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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 181 – AAI 121621

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

European music with lyrics, imagery or influence from the Occident, introduced by Sven Longshanks.

Mythical Vigilante starts with eighties synths and a slow tempo, soon taken over by waves of spacey ambient sound and sleigh bells from King Bunny.

Scandroid stay in the Christmas mood with a synthwave version of a classic hymn, contrasting with Ten’s dark electro with a similar pace.

Cult of Neon brightens up the mood with a pulsating bass melody and disco influences, followed by an energetic Efilheim with synth guitars and guest vocals.

Forerunnerx comes crashing in with rattlesnake hi-hats distorting in sympathy with the bass, before the sharply produced symphonic synthwave metal of Neurotech takes us into the rock section.

Treble boosted fx-laden atmospheric black metal next from Frostnatt, leading into fancy footwork from Till the End’s drummer, as he keeps up with the band’s chunky thrash guitars.

Whisper of Runes blend traditional melancholic Ukrainian singing with chaotic black metal and folk influences, followed by a familiar chorus from Stonehammer.

Fortress stay with the melodic RAC, racing to the end with squealing guitars for Hypocrisy to take over with twanging bass and incisive lyrics.

Can Bardd explode in a shower of blast beats with furious pipes played by headbanging hobbits, before the harp comes in and Erberderber finishes up with a piano led rock ballad.

Can Bardd, Cult of Neon, Efilheim, Forerunnerx, Frostnatt, Mythical Vigilante, Neurotech, Till the End, Тень – Self Released
Erberderber – Patriotic Alternative
Fortress – Unofficial Release
King Bunny – PatrioticArts.Community
Hypocrisy – HypocrisyBand.Com
Scandroid - FiXT
Stonehammer – Front Records
Whisper of Runes – Xzona.su

01:15 Mythical Vigilante – Deep Into the Ocean - NEW
06:05 King Bunny - White Christmas - NEW
09:58 Scandroid – Hark the Herald Angels Sing - NEW
13:08 Тень – Параллель - NEW
17:54 Cult of Neon – La Derniere Danse - NEW
21:13 Efilheim - Ignite feat. Neon Noir & MisterMyr - NEW
25:14 Forerunnerx - Eclipse - NEW
28:49 Neurotech - The Messianic Symphony – NEW
38:39 Frostnatt - På Hjemvei – NEW
43:39 Till the End - Unearthed Nightmare - NEW
47:39 Whisper Of Runes - Minne – NEW
53:14 Stonehammer - Sons Of Our Race - NEW
56:57 Fortress - Losing Control
00:41 Hypocrisy - Greedy Bastards – NEW
04:57 Can Bardd - Autumn Shore – NEW
13:55 Erberderber - A Place For The Sane - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 181 – AAI 121621


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