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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 186 – AAI 020322

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Soundtracks, synthwave, viking metal or folk, if it reflects the European spirit, we play it.

Amalec begins in a similar style to iVardensphere last week, but with characteristic choirs and bass, echoed by Silent Judge with a soundtrack theme and a hint of TGSNT.

Urban Moving Systems lighten the mood with old school house beats, while No Face Nate mashes up the trip hop with inspirational lyrics.

Sacrothorn brings all your favourite industrial sounds, followed by Stellar Dynamics with more of a retro-techno feel.

Celeritas Tenebris shakes up the bass bins with arcade noises, before Cyberthing marches into oblivion with legions of cyberpunk stormtroopers.

Entropie kick off the rock section with hardcore riffs and an RAC chorus, leading us into double kick-drums melodic death metal from Incordia.

Ereb Altor prime the ears for crunchy viking rhythms and emotive Scandinavian singing, before we hop over to Finland for accordion-led folk metal from Verikalpa.

Syr slow things down with celtic rock featuring cello and viola, followed by dungeon synth beginnings and epic power metal endings from Runeshard.

Sekoria shift seamlessly from blast beats to melodies with plenty of tremolo action and Midnartis round the show off with an instrumental acoustic ballad.

Amalec, Cyberthing, Silent Judge – Soundcloud
Celeritas Tenebris, Runeshard, Sacrothorn, Sekoria, Syr – Self Released
Entropie – PC Records
Ereb Altor – Nuclear Blast Recordings
Incordia – Dark Tunes Music Group
Midnartis – Naturemacht Productions
No Face Nate – Will2Rise Recordings
Stellar Dynamics – DSBP
Urban Moving Systems – Patriotic Arts Community
Verikalpa – Scarlet Records

01:23 Amalec – Les Cendres de Sion - NEW
06:19 Silent Judge – Hymn a la Gloire de la Citadelle - NEW
09:54 Urban Moving Systems - I Love (You) - NEW
15:16 No Face Nate - The Die is Cast - NEW
19:53 Sacrothorn - Дарк электро умирает - NEW
23:30 Stellar Dynamics -  Immortal Spirit – NEW
29:06 Celeritas Tenebris - Tensegrity Pt. I - NEW
32:54 Cyberthing - Break the Deck – NEW
36:56 Entropie - Werkzeuge Und Feinde - NEW
41:00 Incordia - Vastness Of Njordr - NEW
44:41 Ereb Altor - Ner i Mörkret – NEW
51:03 Verikalpa – Jotunimmalja – NEW
55:51 Syr - The Painted Ones – NEW
59:39 Runeshard – Shadowbane – NEW
11:02 Sekoria – Seelenwanderung – NEW
19:02 Midnartis - Through the Stygian – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 186 – AAI 020322


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Artwork by PatriArt and the Patriotic Arts Community

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