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Patriotic Weekly Review: Sam Melia and Barkley Walsh – PWR 051122

Mark Collett and Jason Kohne are joined by PA regulars Sam Melia and Barkley Walsh.

Mark will be responding to Tommy Robinson on Friday and PA Film Club is on Sunday.

Sam and Barkley were heavily slandered in the Channel 4 documentary on PA and this is their chance to respond.

Grandma Towlers is booming after the documentary and the PA website has seen a huge increase in traffic.

Barkley was far more unnerved being arrested, than by the documentary.

Sam was quoting someone using a racial slur at work, not using the word himself and Barclay was never leafletting on his way to school, he was on his holidays.

Barkley feels he has learnt some lessons from the way they twisted his words and both regret inadvertently breaking the PA code of conduct.

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Presented by Mark Collett and Jason Kohne

Patriotic Weekly Review: Sam Melia and Barkley Walsh – PWR 051122


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