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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 197 – AAI 051222

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Celebrating the musical expression of the European spirit through some of the darker styles created by us. 

Teknein begins with a hypnotic ambient piece showing a balearic influence, contrasting with dirty electro street beats from Colonizer.

Mythical Vigilante body pops into the mix keeping the electro vibes going, before Domhain takes us in a nineties trance direction.

Matt Hart brings an industrial influence with circular chorus, broken up by sparse wasteland techno from Forerunnerx.

TeknoVore hits all the industrial and dark electro sweet spots, closely followed by Supreme Court’s haunting synth lines and hard industrial beats.

Mannegarm take us into the rock section with viking riffs and angelic female vocals, before Butterfly Temple bring traditional stringed instruments and bag pipes to add to the Deep Purple style metal.

Sagenbringer offer melodic death metal to the mix, paving the way for the new deathcore single from former Radio Aryan co-host Jason Augustus and 14 Sacred Words.

Morroz like their chunky riffs Black Sabbath style and Helioss like theirs ultra-technical, majestic and laced with a symphonic orchestra.

Syr finish the selection with celtic folk blues and insightful lyrics.

Teknein – 86dreseden.com
Coloniser – No Face Nate Telegram
Mythical Vigilante, Domhain, Forerunnerx – Soundcloud
Matt Hart, Sagenbringer – Self Released
TeknoVore, Supreme Court – Infacted Recordings
Mannegarm – Napalm Records
Butterfly Temple, Morroz – Xzona.su
14 Sacred Words – 14sacredwords.com
Helioss – Satanath Records
Syr – Syr.hearnow.com

00:16 Teknein - Defeat Never - NEW
09:42 Colonizer - Totalen Phonk - NEW
12:27 Mythical Vigilante – Street Knowledge - NEW
16:25 Domhain – Moral Leprosy - NEW
20:34 Matt Hart – We Survive - NEW
24:26 Forerunnerx - Synthwave is Dead - NEW
27:41 TeknoVore - Every Beaten Bone – NEW
32:40 Supreme Court - Voice Of Hate – NEW
36:53 Mannegarm - En snara av guld (feat. Lea Grawsiö Lindström) – NEW
43:02 Butterfly Temple - Чёрный Перун – NEW
48:04 Sagenbringer – Sagenbringer – NEW
52:36 14 Sacred Words - Clown World – NEW
56:30 Morroz – Pagan – NEW
01:37 Helioss - Contre ma lumière – NEW
12:38 Syr – Idistaviso

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 197 – AAI 051222


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