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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 198 – AAI 051922

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Eclectic and original styles of music that can only have been dreamed into reality by Europeans.

Halindir begins with a pixie orchestra from a woodland glade, followed by Dvar’s space monkeys and cosmic elves jamming out with the Beehive Chamber Choir.

Thyme and Place play soft disco with a futuristic vibe, while Atmolifter keeps to the inter-galactic theme with sharp production and a tribute to Apollo 11.

Sonne und Stahl remind us of strife on earth with battle drums and cannon, breaking for the triphop vibes of Xurious remixing No Face Nate.

Empyres tighten up a Tubular Bells riff adding a dark electro flavour and Domhain goes for hard trance straight out of the nineties.

Forerunnerx is dirty and loud with plenty of bass and Dav Dralleon leans into the metal guitars more than usual.

Einvigi start like a pleasant summer’s evening transformed into post black metal, moving into the catchy folk rock of Butt.

My Skin is Multicam take influences from dance music and groove metal, while Fenris Vrede add majestic strings and a choir.

Depressed Mode stay with the orchestra directing it to macabre effect, mirrored by the uplifting finger tapping black metal of Breath of Wind.

Helioss play us out with a solo piano piece.

Halindir, Domhain – Soundcloud
Dvar, Thyme & Place, Atmolifter, Forerunnerx, Dav Dralleon, Einvigi, Fenris Vrede, Breath of Wind, Helioss – Self Released
Sonne und Stahl – Maltkross Productions
Xurious – Odyssey
Empyres – Russian Dark Community
Butt – Xzona.su
My Skin is Multicam – Telegram
Depressed Mode – Inverse Records

00:37 Halindir - Comfy XXVIII (WIP) - NEW
04:52 Dvar - El Namyaar - NEW
09:35 Thyme & Place - Oasis- ft Meve - NEW
13:02 Atmolifter - Apollo 11 - NEW
17:25 Sonne und Stahl – War Drums IV - NEW
21:01 Xurious - Prelude ft. No Face Nate - NEW
25:22 Empyres - No Truth - NEW
30:00 Domhain - Thought Criminal
33:18 Forerunnerx – Obscurity - NEW
36:42 Dav Dralleon – A Cosmic Sacrifice to Dagon - NEW
40:49 Einvigi - Hirviöiden Valtakunnassa - NEW
47:42 Butt – Butt - NEW
52:24 My Skin is Multicam - B.W.L.F - NEW
57:12 Fenris Vrede – Fimbulvinter - NEW
03:07 Depressed Mode - Death Walks Among Us - NEW
09:16 Breath of Wind - Feel The Wind
13:51 Helioss – Abandon - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 198 – AAI 051922


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