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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 200 – AAI 060222

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Non-multicultural tunes for European easy listening and hard and heavy guitar music from the inventors of the instrument.

xPropaganda begin with dreamy synth pop city music and thoughtful lyrics, followed by smooth eighties retro from Midnight Fury taking us away to a less stressful time.

Reality’s Despair bring a new wave flavour to the nostalgia, while Cassetter go the whole hog with a respectful cover version of an eighties synth classic.

Mythical Vigilante plays a mid-paced electro workout with spooky refrains, before DreamReaper brings us up to date with cyberfunk sounds and a steady stomper.

Lazerpunk picks up the pace with a pulsating bassline and plenty of atmospheric add-ons, bringing us into the dark electro and industrial rhythms of Supreme Court.

Servan begin with twin flutes harmonising over melodic groove metal, moving into exotic Spanish guitars and blast beats from Seven Sins.

Ashen Light get some double kick drums and twin lead guitar action going, complimenting the fiddles and folk metal of Morhanna.

Norrhem sound like a black metal version of early Hawkwind with their spacey keyboards, while Urkraft demolish what’s left of our ears with blistering melodic death metal.

Pagan Reign finish the selection off with a mediaeval jig and traditional folk instruments.

Art by Wave Guy

xPropaganda – ZTT Records
Midnight Fury, Mythical Vigilante, Servan, Norrhem – Self Released
Realitys Despair – Insane Records
Cassetter – FiXT Neon
DreamReaper, Lazerpunk – Spotify
Supreme Court – Infacted Recordings
Seven Sins, Ash and Light, Pagan Reign – Xzona.su
Morhanna – Unknown
Ukraft – Massacre Records

01:18 xPropaganda - Beauty Is Truth - NEW
07:08 Midnight Fury -  No End In Sight - NEW
13:22 Realitys Despair - Conformity (Normative Version) - NEW
18:17 Cassetter - Cars (feat. D.Notive) - NEW
21:47 Mythical Vigilante – Proper - NEW
25:15 DreamReaper and Magnavolt – Bloodrave - NEW
29:11 Lazerpunk - Artificial Spirituality – NEW
33:09 Supreme Court - Only One World – NEW
38:01 Servan - Ode Agli Elementi – NEW
42:49 Seven Sins – Hypocrisy – NEW
47:48 Ash and Light - Second Birth – NEW
53:06 Morhanna – Thundercry - NEW
57:15 Norrhem - Kali Yugan Tulessa – NEW
03:38 Urkraft - Changing Manscape – NEW
08:23 Pagan Reign - Tradition Light Yar – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 200 – AAI 060122


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