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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 223 – AAI 112422

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of Nationalist artists on the show tonight, plus other exceptional examples of European musicianship.

Galdorcraeft begin with Nordic folk and techno rhythms on trad percussion, followed by No Face Nate’s insightful lyrics over pipes and a triphop beat.

Teknein blends early techno influences with house and ambient styles and Soft Crash build on those influences, adding trance flavours and a John Carpenter feel to their light techno epic.

Domhain brings heavy bass and chainsaw electro metal to the podcast, while Castroe attacks the system with darksynth energy and dystopian AI samples.

Powerwolf start the metal section with a celtic jig and female vocals, before Eternal Helcaraxe go hell for leather atmoblackmetal with Surturs Lohe style chanting at the end.

Sorus add a sea shanty feel to their RAC and Grimner bring flute melodies and folk harmonies to their viking metal.

Veldes highlight piano and strings in their post-black metal epic and Julia Juls finishes the selection with a heart-felt piano ballad.

Galdorcraeft – Youtube
No Face Nate – W2R Records – Telegram
Teknein – 86dresden.com
Soft Crash – BITE
Domhain – Domhain – TelegramCastroe – Laserdiscs Records
Powerwolf – Napalm Records
Eternal Helcaraxe - Naturemacht Prodiuctions
Sorus, Grimner – Self Released
Veldes – Sij MusicArt
Julia Juls – Sub Version Production

01:07 Galdorcraeft – Garden of Bones
07:16 No Face Nate -  Man Nothing More
10:53 Teknein - Blood and Soil
18:50 Soft Crash - Your Last Everything, Pt. 1
24:37 Soft Crash - Your Last Everything, Pt. 2
30:16 Domhain – Maw
36:58 Castroe - The System Has Failed
42:52 Powerwolf - Blood for Blood (Faoladh) (feat. Melissa Bonny)
46:16 Eternal Helcaraxe - Drown in Ash
55:42 Sorus - Piraadid, Kes Eksinud Mereteel
59:58 Grimner – Elftevisan
06:23 Veldes -  Foreverer
17:24 Julia Juls – Du Bist Der Stärkste Mensch

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 223 – AAI 112422


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