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The Daily Nationalist: Against Nominalism – DN 122922

Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson discuss Dr Johnson’s recent book about Orthodox philosophy, 'The Ontology of Death'

The book points out the errors of nominalism, by using quotes from the Church fathers.

Nominalism claims that everything is individual and unconnected, until man makes a connection between things for convenience and puts them into groups.

The opposing view is that nothing can exist on its own and the world is made of interconnected systems within systems and the idea for the functioning system is required first, before the components of that system can appear.

The logical function and natural laws that are a part of those systems, are evidence of God within creation and Christ as the Logos, is the principle of order that all systems adhere to.

This ties in with Nationalism as the individual finds his true purpose when he accepts he is a representative part of his nation and acts accordingly.

You can purchase a copy of The Ontology of Death HERE

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Against Nominalism – DN 122922


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