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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 230 – AAI 011223

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Whether classical instruments or synths and guitars, White folks get the most beautiful and powerful sounds out of them.

Andrei Moissejev begins with classical guitar and a string quartet as the sun comes up, followed by Galdorcraeft’s moonlit folk percussion and Nordic chants.

Baleygr adds a short Patagonian influence, before Teknein lets the techno and trance out with 86Dresden vocal burblings over the top.

Seven Trees play dark electro trance with a cheery melody and Strikkland marries witty ‘glory days’ lyrics to a funky EBM rhythm.

Revizia lets rip with a monster of a percussive off-beat bassline and The Juggernauts preach the devil out of Covid mania.

Jason Alacrity adds social commentary to Klayton style synths and Exsect go back to old school industrial and modulating rhythms.

Alator start the metal section with soaring female vocals, synths and guitars, followed by Dystopia AD’s groovy death metal with catchy melodies.

Symon Music mixes Belarussian pipes with psychedelic guitars and trad Russian choruses, while Ramchat bring the blast beats with super fast riffing and rolling.

Gaisera play melodic black metal with plenty of chunky riffs and Hades Descent bring a brass section and prog influence to their death metal.

Wolfnacht stay with the symphony and a sadness tinged NSBM outing, only for Cybern to pick up on it and raise the roof with a war time classic to end on.

Andrei Moissejev, Galdorcraeft – Youtube
Baleygr – Soundcloud
Teknein – Audius
Seven Trees – Progress Productions
Strikkland, Exsect, Dystopia AD, Ramchat, Гайсэра, Hades Descent, Cybern – Self Released
Revizia – JST Records
The Juggernauts – TheJuggernauts.be
Jason Alacrity – Negative Gain Productions
Алатор, Сымон-музыка – Xzona.su
Wolfnacht – DunkelBunker.com

01:03 Andrei Moissejev – Meditations on the Peaks
03:38 Galdorcraeft – Woden’s Waegn
10:58 Baleygr – Concept
12:34 Teknein – LAMOVREVX
16:57 Seven Trees - Phased Out (Remixed By Xenturion Prime)
21:59 Strikkland - Royal Youth
26:38 Revizia – Monster
30:55 The Juggernauts - Fear Vk2K20 (C-19 EBM Remix Assimilated By Borg)
36:10 Jason Alacrity - Witch Hunt
40:39 Exsect – Bodymorph
45:02 Алатор - Новая Волна
49:16 Dystopia AD - Doomsday Psalm
54:59 Сымон-музыка - Родны край II
00:58 Ramchat – Mord
06:11 Гайсэра - Горит Очаг
11:54 Hades Descent - Dragged Down
16:36 Wolfnacht - Die Wächter Europas
24:57 Cybern – Teufelslied

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 230 – AAI 011223


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