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Halindir: Audio Insurgency 72 – ER 092519

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Halindir steps in to host possibly the last ever show, with an epic musical journey featuring classical, folk, neo-folk, industrial, neo-classical and of course metal and synthwave produced by pro-White and passive-White musicians around the globe.

Surturs Lohe begin with exquisite acoustic guitar and operatic vocals, before an extended guitar solo heralds the drums and a journey through just about every genre of metal yet known to man.

Circle from Ukraine provide a contrast with strings and traditional instruments, topped with syn-drums and digital flourishes to accompany a tribal dance in the forest.

Wolcensmen start with horns and male harmonies followed by acoustic guitar, male vocals and minimalist drumming, building to a crescendo of choral voices and dropping back down again to just the guitar.

Nachtreich’s plucked strings give way to a beautiful melancholic violin solo that returns as a refrain throughout, in a sublime audio romance that may leave you weeping at the end of it.

Auswahlt bring us back into the digital age, still using classical instruments but backing them up with a machine rhythm and industrial samples.

L'Effet C'Est Moi bring kettle drums and snares with them on their march to victory, overlaid with snatches of emotive female vocals and spooky organ sounds.

Amalec keep to the martial vibe with a dark, brooding monster of a tune as far removed from their usual disco as you could get, conjuring up images of ghostly ranks marching through the mists of a long-forgotten battlefield.

Eisenwut get the guitars out again for a metal/industrial/pop crossover that sounds distinctly German, despite them being Russian.

Dunkelwerk get the body popping and the head nodding with an electro excursion, bringing us back up to the here and now with Dirty Synth Story’s funky breakbeats and dance floor strings.

Holon keeps the pace going, building layers of melody over a helicopter bassline and Kiwi and the Dogboys play us out with their rock anthem ‘Alternative for Sweden’.

Wolcensmen are at youtube
Amalec, Dirty Synth Story & Holon are at soundcloud
Dunkelwerk are at hammerstorm

00:22 Surturs Lohe – Seelenheim
09:12 Коло – В Обрії Снів
13:29 Wolcensmen - Sprig To Spear – NEW
19:25 Nachtreich - Von Wehmut und Einsamkeit
27:16 Auswalht - Sound Of Thunder
32:31 L'Effet C'Est Moi - Soyez Grands Dans Votre Faiblesse
36:40 Amalec – Final March – NEW
40:23 Eisenwut – Eisenwut
44:33 Dunkelwerk – Der Kommandant – NEW
50:34 Dirty Synth Story – Little Lazer Club – NEW
53:53 Holon – Against All Odds – NEW
58:43 Kiwi and the Dogboys – Alternative for Sverige

Sadly this will be the last episode of Eternal Reich’s Audio Insurgency as the regular host appears to have been lost at sea.

Anyone who loves music and wishes to continue the show as new host should send an email to [email protected].

Presented by Halindir

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 72 – ER 092519


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