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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 75 – AAI 101619

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Sven Longshanks fires up the White Power jukebox with nine new rounds of Aryan ammunition and a handful of audio time bombs from proe-White and passive-White musicians to break yourself free of multicultural musical servitude.

Twenty One breaks his silence with an uplifting piece of French dreamwave with staccato casino-style noises and minimal drums leading us into the bassline of Holon’s latest up-tempo musical marvel.

Powercyan keeps up the futuristic vibe with layer after layer of polished synths before Mojave scares the hell out of us in time for Halloween, with his bowel quaking bass and spooky top end noises.

Document Lambda is on top form with a new concept EP featuring tonight’s bass heavy church organ masterpiece and Dav Dralleon rounds the electronica section off with an epic piece featuring all your favourite darksynth frequencies.

Hungarica start the rock section off with classic Queen style vocal harmonies and power chords, followed by more operatic vocals and even a punchy brass section from Romania’s Bucovina.

Iceland’s Niðafjöll sound like they are getting in the mood for Christmas with music box tinkles and a string section before the riffs and vocals kick in.

Over to Germany for the next two hard rocking salvoes, In Tyrannos with vocals in the low gutteral style of Gigi and Lohengrin with a slam dance classic in the making, ‘Nationalist’.

Belarussia’s Vapor Heimis start out in a similar style as Lohengrin, but soon swap the metalcore beats for a techno kick drum and influences from black metal to electro in a glorious penultimate thrash-out.

Gotteshorn close with a familiar melody for listeners of Mysterium Fasces, set to a skippety beat with accordions and pipes.

Twenty One, Powercyan, Document Lambda, Dav Dralleon, Holon & Mojave are at Soundcloud
Gotteshorn, Hungarica & Lohengrin are at 88.nsm

01:20 Twenty One - The Dreamer's Walk - NEW
06:08 Holon - Desired Outcome Not Guaranteed - NEW
10:22 Powercyan - The Great Attractor - NEW
14:39 Mojave – Neon Terror - NEW
20:09 Document Lambda – It Stared Back at Me - NEW
24:29 Dav Dralleon - V A U L T O V D O O M - NEW
31:46 Hungarica – Blitzkrieg - NEW
35:25 Bucovina - Carari In Suflet
40:12 Niðafjöll - Svart Tár
45:54 In Tyrannos - Defendieret Wien
50:16 Lohengrin -  Nationalist - NEW
56:27 Vapor Hiemis - Мечом Победы К Вратам Славы
01:44 Gotteshorn - Des Geyers Schwarzer Haufen – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 75 – AAI 101619


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