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Halindir: Audio Insurgency 78 – AAI 110619

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Nine new tunes and a new host for tonight’s Audio Insurgency, with ramble-maestro Halindir at the controls for an hour of the very best music created by pro-White and passive-White musicians from around the globe.

Nachtreich begin with a sublime piano recital augmented by black metal guitar before Elessar counters with acoustic guitar and synth effects.

Tresalis are going for a movie soundtrack feel and Synthicide is back with a memory card full of NWO samples and a darksynth bassline for possibly his best release yet.

Holon builds the suspense with an expansive ambient piece leading into the Space Aryan jazz and cyber funk of FemaCampBandLeader.

Forerunnerx turns up the pace a notch to fit some slap bass in among the synth swirls, before Bolthorn kick start the rock section with a growl from beyond the grave and a death/viking metal crossover tune.

The sound of military pipe and drum herald the entrance of Bound for Glory and more time changes than you can shake a drum stick at, before Heiliger Krieg come blasting in with the anthemic ‘Until Victory’.

DST blend the spirits of Black Sabbath with the Fuhrer and come up with a delicious slice of Slayer-sounding thrash metal leading into Hungarica’s Celtic jig inspired offering.

Surturs Lohe begin the wind down with evocative flute melodies and classical soprano harmonising and Hiraeth sees us out with acoustic guitar, thoughtful lyrics and emotional voice. 

Elessar and Hiraeth are on Youtube
Tresalis, Synthicide, Holon, FemaCampBandLeader, Forerunnerx are at Soundcloud
DST and Hungarica are at 88.nsm

00:22 Nachtreich – Lights
06:53 Elessar – A New Perspective – NEW
10:01 Tresalis – Follow My Light – NEW
13:40 Synthicide - New Dark Ages – NEW
18:13 Holon – Anywhere But Here – NEW
22:46 FemaCampBandLeader – Replacement Rate – NEW
27:55 Forerunnerx – Silver Horizion – NEW
32:03 Bolthorn – Sentinel
37:33 Bound for Glory - Eugens' March
42:57 Heiliger Krieg - Until Victory
47:06 DST – Mein Kampf - NEW
54:13 Hungarica - Buszken szol – NEW
57:02 Surturs Lohe - Unter der Linden
03:00 Hiraeth – When the Lion Awakens – NEW

Presented by Halindir

Halindir: Audio Insurgency 78 – AAI 110619


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