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Faeros: Audio Insurgency 84 – AAI 122619

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Guest host Faeros spins the latest truth seeking tunes and new Nationalist music from around the globe, showing that White guys will always have the best music.

Confident of Victory begin with a triumphant metal number topped with a killer chorus, followed by the raw angst of original Russian rabble rousers Kolovrat singing in English for once.

Treueschwur keep to the melodic metal with call and response vocals with a hint of hardcore and then we are into the industrial synth sounds of Portugal’s Ordo De Ignis.

Darksynth from Hubrid next, with a metal influenced bass line before We Are Magonia add harmonies and samples to the distorted disco beats.

Holon goes electro and adds texture to the audio delights with exotic keys and staccato bass stabs, while Cult of Neon brings in a dance floor groove with plenty of pacing and contrast between musical elements.

Elessar brings familiar sounds from his past, building up layer upon layer of melody before the cow punk of Jack Hwite meets up with the triphop of ForNull, only to be remixed by Synthicide. Nice cowboy guitar in this one.

Experimental electronica next with the exquisite vocals of St Friendship leading into the strings of a cinematic piece from Germany’s Tresalis.

Holdaar ease us back into the black metal with strings and soprano before the fast and furious folk metal of Rime, who have an instrument that sounds like masses of crickets singing.

Entropie get plenty of energy going mixing mental hardcore with more traditional riffs and rhythms, before new artist Traversing the Divide finishes the selection with a slice of highly technical progressive metal.

Confident of Victory are at OPOS Records
Kolovrat are at Hammerstorm
Treueschwur are at Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede
Ordo De Ignis, Hubrid, Cult of Neon, We Are Magonia, Holon, St Friendship & Tresalis are at Soundcloud
Elessar, Synthicide & Traversing the Divide are at Youtube

01:02 Confident of Victory – Heiliges Band - NEW
05:45 Kolovrat – Who’s Your Master - NEW
10:04 Treueschwur - Jetzt Erst Recht - NEW
13:37 Ordo De Ignis – Life is a Flame - NEW
17:51 Hubrid – Haine - NEW
21:18 We Are Magonia – The Living Will Envy the Dead - NEW
26:03 Holon – Out of Reach - NEW
31:18 Cult of Neon – Memories of Her - NEW
35:36 Elessar – Patterns - NEW
40:08 Jack Hwite - Western Apocalypse Now (Synthicide Remix) - NEW
44:36 St. Friendship – Lone Wolf - NEW
48:30 Tresalis – The Flowers of Evil - NEW
52:06 Holdaar – Lokot Rus
59:08 Изморозь - Лавка смерти
03:22 Entropie – Bloom
08:12 Traversing the Divide – The Void – NEW

Presented by Faeros

Faeros: Audio Insurgency 84 – AAI 122619


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