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FEMA Camp Band Leader: Audio Insurgency 82 – AAI 120519

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

FEMA Camp Band Leader is our guest host tonight spinning truth seeking synthwave and reactionary rock from all around the pro-White and passive-White world.

Lo-fi Swedish maestro Andreas Johansson starts proceedings with a laid back bassline and quirky keyboards, warming us up for the cyber jazz and funky percussion of French artist Efilheim.

Iceland’s Revolt is blending black metal rhythms with Vangelis style keys and showing a Faeros influence, before Halindir chills us out again with cyber flutes and how you would imagine a lyre might sound.

Mojave brings a frequency change as the sub bass kicks in, with an early house influence in there among the skippety rhythms.

Blutzeugen bring the noise for the first of the metal tracks with plenty of chugging riffs and powerful vocals, followed by the menacing keyboards and catchy chorus of new Industrial/metal band Fremde im eigenen Land.

RAC Kings Macht und Ehre are back with the anthemic single ‘He was Right’ before Northrend’s blend of viking metal and progressive rock takes over.

Ostfront keep the hard rock vibes going with twin guitars and aggressive chorus, while Notwehr wind the metal down with overtones of ‘Echo Beach’ in a punk ballad.

Kettle drums, horns and strings herald the entrance of Tresalis who really do shine with their cinematic pieces, leading the way into the horror movie on a chipboard darksynth of We Are Magonia.

Wolfsschanze appears with a cheerful house tune reminiscent of Vanguard’s ‘Brighter Future’ and Holon rounds the podcast off with a simple keyboard refrain that builds over the bassline before changing direction.

FEMA Camp Band Leader can be found HERE
Andreas Johansson, Revolt, Halindir, Mojave, Efilheim, We Are Magonia, Tresalis & Holon are at Soundcloud
Fremde im eigenen Land are at 88.nsm
Northrend are at Hammerstorm
Ostfront are at Das Zeughaus
Wolfsschanze is on Youtube

00:24 Andreas Johansson - Tiwaz Tunes - One Ring - NEW
04:05 Efilheim – Megacity - NEW
08:49 Revolt – Synir Solarinnar - NEW
11:49 Halindir - Comfy XIV - NEW
13:27 Mojave – Azure - NEW
16:40 Blutzeugen ‎- Dem Feind Entgegen
20:36 Fremde im eigenen Land (F.i.e.L.) - Deutschland Lebt - NEW
25:50 Macht und Ehre – Er War im Recht - NEW
30:00 Northrend - Return to Asgard - NEW
34:34 Ostfront – Ostfront - NEW
38:51 Notwehr ‎- Scheinheiliger Kamerad
43:10 Tresalis - A Wonderful Place - NEW
47:39 We Are Magonia - Master Of Horror - NEW
51:46 Wolfsschanze – Zenith - NEW
53:55 Holon - Crux Of The Matter - NEW

Presented by FEMA Camp Band Leader

FEMA Camp Band Leader: Audio Insurgency 82 – AAI 120519


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