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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 87 – AAI 011620

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Sven Longshanks guides us through the best music doing the rounds of the pro-White and passive-White scene this week, with an emphasis on the more progressive artists and bands.

Atmolifter begins in a sci-fi style, like a stripped back Holon with loops upon loops of keyboard motifs and machines chattering to one another across the soundscape.

Antisun brings in the power chords and increases the BPM tuning us in to a darksynth vibe, before cutting the pace and changing direction to point towards the experimental sounds and chopped up beats of Amalec.

Solarras turns up the speed dial and strobe effects for a black metal tempo outing, leading into the progressive techno of Traversing the Divide who seems full of novel ideas and new places to take the music.

Tiwaz Tunes returns the volley with a slice of minimalist techno and thought-provoking spoken samples for Document Lambda to build upon with more melody and that’s it for the synths this week.

Stille Volk gracefully introduce the six-stringed instruments with emotive vocals and a melancholy chorus, before Deaths Head step on the fuzzbox and crank up the pace for some majestic power metal.

Totenburg let rip with a monster of a lead guitar riff closely followed by wonderfully melodramatic growling vocals, while Phalanx bring us back to the traditional shouted chorus and RAC sound of Germany.

Sorus channel their Estonian energy into a twin guitar led track before Blutfahne go full throttle NSBM style, with a salvo from their new album ‘Twilight of Faith’.

Uriel add celloes and soprano to the kick drums and polish up the production for some atmospheric black metal and Balegyr finishes with classical guitar and oboe.

Atmolifter, Antisun, Amalec, Solarras, Document Lambda, Tiwaz Tunes and Baleygr are at Soundcloud
Uriel & Traversing the Divide are at Youtube
Deaths Head are at PC Records
Totenburg are at Hammerbund
Phalanx are at Front Records
Blutfahne are at Barbatos

01:05 Atmolifter – Gravitor – NEW
05:55 Antisun – Rider in the Night – NEW
11:09 Amalec – Jazz the Goose – NEW
13:11 Solarras – Hyperborea – NEW
16:57 Traversing The Divide – Hardwired – NEW
23:47 Tiwaz Tunes - Thankyou for Not Mixing - NEW
28:08 Document Lambda – Nitrogen – NEW
32:38 Stille Volk -  Sacré Dans la Tourmente
38:59 Deaths Head -  Rising Of The Sun – NEW
43:34 Totenburg - Zwölf Schwerter – NEW
49:07 Phalanx - Heimat, Freiheit, Tradition – NEW
52:43 Sorus – Libahunt
57:05 Blutfahne - Abandoned Verities – NEW
01:54 Uriel – Insight – NEW
07:52 Baleygr – Vrijheer – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 87 – AAI 011620


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Artwork by Blut Adler

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