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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 89 – AAI 013020

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Twelve new tunes tonight with an emphasis on the traditional metal and punk sounds of the RAC bands, plus new tunes from М8Л8ТХ, Ken McLellan, Uberfolk  and Whitelaw.

Graeda from Switzerland begins with an ambient piece sounding similar to Holon, followed by HeartBeat Hero with a harder sound than normal and a great minimal guitar riff that catches you by surprise.

Tapecult get on the spooky train with a cover version from The Witcher tv series and Document Lambda channels his inner raver with a euro-beat tribute.

Traversing the Divide is showing a new wave influence among the proggy rock time signatures, while Efilheim adds guitars in a sophisticated take on eighties pop bands like Talk Talk.

М8Л8ТХ head in an experimental direction, mixing EBM synths with metal guitars and opera singing reminiscent of Belarussian band Vapor Heimis, before Ken Mclellan teams up with Arrow Cross for a great RAC tune with fantastic lyrics.

Whitelaw keep the flag flying for Britain with a punk workout from their upcoming new album, before the grungy blues guitars of Sons of Odin rumble out of the speakers with a simple but effective killer riff.

Heidevolk add the full range of vocal pitch from bass to soprano in their power metal offering followed by Sterotyp with one of those melodic choruses that only the Germans know how to craft.
Poland’s Till the End break out the brutal riffs and hardcore drums, while Swiss band Amok go for a fist punching anthem leading into a turbo-charged penultimate battle hymn from Heiliger Krieg.

Uberfolk finish with a neo-classical soundscape featuring male and female duet vocals.

HeartBeat Hero, Graeda, Tapecult, Document Lambda and Traversing the Divide are at Soundcloud
М8Л8ТХ, and Ken McLellan and Arrow Cross are at Hammerstorm
Whitelaw are at Frontmagazine
Till the End and Amok are at 88nsm
Uberfolk are at Youtube

01:07 GRAEDA – Tranquillitatis - NEW
05:24 HeartBeatHero – Venom - NEW
09:03 Tapecult - Toss A Coin To Your Witcher - NEW
11:59 Document Lambda - Full Throttle Engine Fire - NEW
16:01 Traversing The Divide -  Orion Departure - NEW
22:49 Efilheim - Wasteland
27:51 М8Л8ТХ – Onslaught - NEW
34:04 Ken McLellan and Arrow Cross -  Songs Of The Masses - NEW
36:59 Whitelaw – Mixed up World - NEW
40:34 Sons of Odin - Odin's Demolition Crew - NEW
45:44 Heidevolk - A Wolf in My Heart
50:05 Stereotyp - Millionen Funken
54:36 Till the End – Shellstorm - NEW
57:51 Amok - Gott Mit Uns - NEW
01:59 Heiliger Krieg - Stormtrooper
04:34 Uberfolk - Armies of Light - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 89 – AAI 013020


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